________________ CM . . . . Volume IX Number 3. . . . October 4, 2002

cover Tina and the Penguin.

Heather Dyer. Illustrated by Mireille Levert.
Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 2002.
32 pp., cloth, $16.95.
ISBN 1-55074-947-1.

Subject Headings:
Penguins-Juvenile literature.

Preschool-grade 2 / Ages 3-7.

Review by Liz Greenaway.

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"You in the pink beret!" cried the zookeeper. "Hurry up!"

"Coming," said Tina, but she hung back a moment longer to look at the penguins.

"Back to the bus!" cried the keeper.

Tina turned to follow the rest of the class, but as she did something landed on the concrete behind her with a wet whump. Tina looked around. A penguin had leaped right out of the enclosure and was lying flat on his belly! He pedaled his feet and flapped his wings to right himself, and then stood there looking at her.

"Are you all right?" asked Tina.

The penguin blinked.

"Everyone back to the bus!" yelled the keeper. Tina turned to go but then she heard a sound. Schlep, schlep. She looked around. the penguin stood there innocently, but as soon as Tina turned her back she heard the sound of wet footsteps again. Schlep, schlep. The penguin was following her.

Following a trip to the zoo with her class, Tina finds herself the host to an unusual guest - a penguin. After sneaking him out of the zoo in her coat and pink beret, she has to find some way to make him comfortable in her house while not tipping off her parents. Consequently, to keep the house cool enough for her guest, Tina sleeps with the window open and wears her woolen socks to keep herself warm.

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     After finding her penguin in the refrigerator when she gets home from school, Tina tries to keep her friend cool by giving them both a bath. For the penguin's sake, this means keeping the water freezing cold and adding ice cubes. Her penguin is so happy splashing that Tina's mother comes to the door to ask if she is all right. "Fine!" yelled Tina. "I don't think this is working out," Tina says that evening to her penguin as she falls asleep with her teeth chattering. The penguin stares wistfully out the window. When Tina awakes, the penguin has gone. All that remains are a few feathers blowing acress the carpet from the draft of the open window. Questions reveal that a police officer saw a little guy in a pink beret hitching out of town.

     This is Heather Dyer's first picture book. Her clever text is paired with the stylish illustrations of award-winning illustrator Mireille Levert, and this pairing results in a fabulous combination. Levert's bright illustrations in watercolour and gouache take the story further with loads of details that will charm readers.

     A terrific story about friendship and helping others that would be perfect for one-to-one or class story time.

Highly Recommended.

Liz Greenaway is a former bookseller who is currently at home in Edmonton, AB, with
small children.

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