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Little Series.

New York, NY: Scholastic (Distributed in Canada by Scholastic Canada), 1999.
8 pp., board, $4.50.

Preschool - grade 1 / Ages 3-6.

Review by Joan Payzant.


Little Bunny's Easter Surprise.

Tara Doyle. Illustrated by Lucinda McQueen.
ISBN 0-590-65029-7.

**** /4


Little Chick's Easter Surprise.

Karen Backstein. Illustrated by Lucinda McQueen.
ISBN 0-590-64985-X.

**** /4


Little Duck's Easter Surprise.

Nancy Krulik. Illustrated by Lucinda McQueen.
ISBN 0-590-68130-3.

**** /4


Little Lamb's Easter Surprise.

Gina Shaw. Illustrated by Lucinda McQueen.
ISBN 0-590-41968-4.

**** /4

image These four charming little books are all illustrated by Lucinda McQueen, but each has a different author. The back cover reveals that, although they were first copyright in 1994, these four now being reviewed are mini editions of the original and were printed in 1999 in China. They are sturdy, board books which have the illustrations on covers and every page neatly outlined with variegated coloured glitter. The shape of the books is interesting, with the top halves resembling the large end of an Easter egg and bearing the title of the story. The bottom halves have illustrations of the animals in the title surrounded with flowers. About seven inches high, the books are ideal for little hands. Having been decreased in size, the print is not as large as it might be, but plenty large enough for an older child or parent to read as a bedtime story. Small children's eyes will be busy with the little animals and the sparkles, and the type font won't concern them. image

      The surprises of the titles are mild ones. Little Chick waits for a decorated Easter egg to hatch, but learns it's chocolate and delicious; Little Duck watches other ducklings hatch from eggs, but one egg opens and a turtle pops out and goes for a swim with Little Duck; Little Bunny goes on an Easter egg hunt with his brothers and sisters, but his egg begins to crack and out pops a little yellow chicken; Little Lamb goes on an Easter egg hunt and finds a friend, Little Bunny. They take turns hiding the eggs from each other and have great fun. This book quartet would be useful additions to libraries' Easter shelves, or they would make lovely gifts for small children.

Highly Recommended.

Joan Payzant, former teacher-librarian in Dartmouth, NS.

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