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cover Chasing the Dream: A Player's Guide.

Tracy McPhee.
Burnstown, ON: General Store Publishing House, 1999.
217 pp., pbk., $19.95.
ISBN 1-894263-01-4.

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Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up.

Review by Betsy Fraser.

**** /4

Chasing the Dream is intended for a fairly specific audience and is meant to inform, enlighten and guide young hockey players who are interested in playing professionally. It also provides realistic information about all aspects of the game for those young men and their parents. The book outlines all possible career paths for young hockey players, who are now being approached at 13 or 14 years of age by scouts and agents. The book's main focus book is Major Junior hockey and the three divisions (Western, Ontario and Quebec) which together make up the Canadian Hockey League, or the CHL.
    All sections of the book, dealing with everything from agents to training camps to educational packages offered by the various parts of the CHL, are highlighted by interviews with real players, coaches and trainers. These parts give the book a welcoming feel of authenticity and will no doubt encourage young players. Utilizing a sensible and realistic approach, the book's expository parts present the possibilities for a Major Junior hockey player. The book covers injuries, surfeits of players, riding the bench, problems with billeting and other frustrations. The first part of the book deals with all the questions that arise on the way to becoming a member of a CHL team. The second part deals with staying on a team and what happens after Major Junior. The book finishes with summaries of all CHL teams.
    This book would be a welcome addition to any library that deals with serious young athletes and their parents. The players' stories, which are presented in a straightforward, non-condescending way, impart a great deal of factual information that will help players' families in making decisions that will undoubtedly affect their futures. Non-players of the game who are interested in the CHL will find an abundance of information in this handy volume.

Highly Recommended.

Betsy Fraser is a librarian with Calgary Public Library.

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