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cover Creeps from the Deep.

Leighton R. Taylor. Photographs by Norbert Wu.
San Francisco, CA: Chronicle Books (Distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books), 1997.
45 pp., hardcover, $13.95.
ISBN 0-8118-1297-9.

Subject Headings:
Deep sea biology-Juvenile literature.
Deep sea animals-Juvenile literature.
Marine biology.

Grades 3 and up / Ages 8 and up.
Review by Janice Foster.

**** /4


These vast dark spaces and cold rugged landscapes of the sea are a challenge to life. It is here we find the oddly shaped and strangely adapted sea creatures, the creeps from the deep.
image The unknown has always induced wonderment and awe for young and old alike. Until this century, the deep sea has been a source of mystery arousing our curiosity. Dr. Leighton Taylor, biologist and author of Under the Sea: Weird and Wonderful Creatures from the Deep, teams up with renowned underwater photographer Norbert Wu to take early readers and adults to the deepest part of the mysterious oceans.

      Creeps from the Deep is organized in such a manner that the reader first becomes acquainted with what the "deep" is like. Headings, such as "How Deep is Deep?" "Oh, the Pressure" and "How We See the Deep Sea," pose questions that arouse the curiosity of the reader and, at the same time, provide clear background information about the deeps. With this information, the creeps that live in the darkest fathoms of the sea become all the more fascinating because of the unusual conditions under which they live. The fangtooth, the viperfish, the coral reef flashlight fish, deep-sea sharks and deep diving elephants will intrigue readers.

      Creeps from the Deep provides an excellent combination of text and photographs to present its readers with what is known about the deep oceans and the exotic creatures that live there. The excellent, colourful photographs, many full page spreads, vividly capture the strange inhabitants of these depths. Interesting scientific facts, inserted in coloured bubbles, diagrams and captioned photographs, are interspersed throughout the easy to read text. This attractive format, together with the fascinating information, will capture the attention of readers of all ages. The inclusion of a table of contents, an index and a glossary makes this book a useful resource for research on deep-sea biology.


Janice Foster is an elementary teacher-librarian/enrichment facilitator in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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