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cover Scholastic First Dictionary.

Judith S. Levey, (Editor in Chief).
New York, NY: Scholastic, (Distributed in Canada by Scholastic Canada) 1998.
224 pp., cloth, $20.99.
ISBN 0-590-96786-X.

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English language-Dictionaries, Juvenile.

Grades 1 - 3 / Ages 6 - 8.
Review by Gail Hamilton.

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paint [paynt]
1. Paint is a liquid with color in it that is used to cover things or to make pictures. We mix colored powder and water to make paint for art class. [paints]
2. To paint is to cover something with paint or to use paint to make pictures. Let's paint the house blue instead of white. Maggie is going to paint a picture of her cat. A person who paints is called a painter [painting, painted]
image Bright, colourful and easy to read, this beginning dictionary boasts over 1,500 entries and 600 full-colour photographs. A blue alphabet bar appears at the side of each page with the featured letter highlighted in red and yellow, and large-sized guide words, in blue, are at the top of each page. Every dictionary entry is printed in green with the word's pronunciation in parentheses, followed by its definition. Other forms of the word are printed in boldface type. Where applicable, a synonym or a short form the word is given. A sample sentence, showing how the main word can be used, furthers the reader's understanding.

      Provided at the beginning of the book are instructions for using the dictionary and examining individual entry words as well as a pronunciation guide. Pages at the back of the book explain prefixes, suffixes, contractions, plurals and homophones. Parts of speech are defined, followed by examples and a few sample sentences with the parts of speech labeled. A metric conversion chart is included, though this page seems a bit out of place. There is also an index of picture labels and a list of photo credits.

      With its attractive layout, its simple, fairly large text font, and the user-friendly language of the definitions and sample sentences, the beginning dictionary provides a good start for youngsters learning to use this important reference tool. Written by one of the foremost authorities of dictionaries for children, this book makes a worthwhile addition to a classroom or home library.


Gail Hamilton is the teacher-librarian at Bird's Hill School, East St. Paul, Manitoba.

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