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cover Finders Keepers for Franklin.

Paulette Bourgeois. Illustrated by Brenda Clark.
Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press, 1997.
29 pp, hardcover and paperback, $12.95 (hc), $4.95 (pbk).
ISBN 1-55074-368-6 (hc), ISBN 1-55074-370-8 (pbk).

Subject Headings:
Franklin (Fictitious character : Bourgeois)-Juvenile fiction.
Truthfulness and falsehood-Juvenile fiction.

Preschool - grade 2 / Ages 3 - 7.
Review by Helen Arkos.

**** /4

image Finders Keepers for Franklin explores the dilemma of what to do when you find something valuable which must have been lost by someone else. While walking to the park, Franklin finds a camera. He's never found anything "quite so wonderful" before. He is soon imagining himself a photographer telling his subject to "Say 'Cheese" and before he realizes it, he has taken pictures of all his friends and, in the process, used up the entire roll of film in the camera. In all the fun, Franklin forgets that the camera is not his, but he is reminded when Moose asks him if he is keeping it. Franklin decides he must find the owner of the camera, but he returns the camera to where he found it in the grass. After dinner, the whole episode is dutifully reported to his ever-patient father. Their attempts to locate the owner by posting signs and by contacting the lost and found department at the police station meet with no success. Only when the roll of film is developed yielding a photograph of the raccoon family is the identity of the owner finally discovered and the camera duly returned. Once again Franklin solves a problem in a fair and honest way.

      Brenda Clark's illustrations accompanying the story are rich in colour and detail. As usual, the reader can spot a variety of plants and insects that would share a turtle's habitat. Details such as Franklin's "teddy turtle" and his leaf shaped dinner plate with the remains of his buggy dinner add charm to the story. A large part of the appeal of the Franklin books comes from Clark's skill in depicting emotion on her characters' faces. Franklin's surprise and realization are apparent when Moose archly inquires if he plans to keep the camera.

      Primary students will enjoy this addition to the Franklin collection. The issue of "finders-keepers" is often a hotly debated one in classrooms and during recess!

Highly recommended.

Helen Arkos is the teacher-librarian at John Pritchard School in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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