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M&M's Software: Educational Shareware

Review by L.D. Steele.

Reprinted from the EdRes mailing list.


The site claims to be the "BEST" Educational public domain and shareware library in the known universe. While I don't know what kind of library they have on Beetlegeuse, this one is pretty good.

The main page is straightforward with the following options: 1) NEW listings and FREE STUFF!! 2) Software Libraries 3) What is Shareware / Public Domain / Freeware? 4) Download a Text Version of the M&M Software Catalog 5) Need BLANK Diskettes?

The software is available in both Windows and MacIntosh formats. Each has a brief description of what the program is/does, the subject levels, and average grade level of potential users. At the end of each description is a notation as to whether the software is shareware (sw), freeware (fw) or public domain (pd). The "free stuff" listed is clip art, and an interesting elementary school Biology program (MacIntosh).

The Software Library is organized by computer system (MacIntosh, PC DOS, Windows, and Apple II). The main page of each computer system gives the average requirements for using the programs. Within each section, it is then further broken down by subject matter (Arts & Graphics, Computer Tools & Learning, games, Home Use, Language Arts, Math, etc.)

M&M Software offers to sell copies of the software found at the site for: 1-4 disks $4.95ea. 5-9 disks $4.45ea. 10-14 disks $3.95ea. 15-19 disks $3.45ea. 20 plus disks $2.95ea.


Most of the software at the site is shareware, this means that the creator offers a free limited trial offer and then ask/requires the user to pay a registration fee. The programs offered varied from games to useful learning tools. As with much educational software, there are many more MacIntosh programs in each category than IBM compatible programs.

The site is easy to navigate, and the pages are quick to download. The site's background is made up of "trains" that are 5.25" and 3.5" disks with details added. The background breaks up the bareness of the pages which are otherwise plain text and links. A "Search" tool would have been useful.

Overall M&M software is not a free service as the software must be ordered from the company not downloaded from the Internet. What you are getting in this site is a well organized array of educational software that saves you time and energy. Copies of the software found at this site may or may not be found elsewhere.

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