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Teacher's Edition Online.

URL: http://www.teachnet.com/

Review by Melissa Canam.

Reprinted from the EdRes mailing list.


The Teacher's Edition Online is a site which was created by teachers to help others in the same occupation. Its purpose is to improve classroom management and provide helpful tips and creative ideas for classes of all levels and abilities.

The first section includes Lesson Plans and Micro Activities, each of which provides a variety of ideas for different subjects in grades K to 12. These ideas have have been posted by educators all across the globe. Also included in this site is a section for classroom management, which provides suggestions as well as ideas for improving the classroom environment.

A Teacher-2-Teacher section can also be found in this site. It provides opportunities for teachers to ask questions and post ideas or advice for others. An interesting addition to this site is KeyPals which allows classes from all over the world to connect to one another in order to ask questions and share information and interests.


Teacher's Edition Online is a helpful site for any teacher, regardless of grade or subject, who wishes to expand their knowledge base. Although the layout of Teacher's Edition Online is somewhat confusing, with text on both sides of the screen as well as in the middle, all the information needed is right there.

Teacher's Edition OnLine is a great web site. It is easy to use and easy to understand. Although there is minimal use of graphics - unfortunate because pictures are useful when working with children - don't overlook this site.

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