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Get Online Live With Authors!

On May 9, 1997, over 50,000 participants will be gathering together to enjoy a day of reading and chat online live with each other and children's authors. Special online guests include R.L. Stine, Ed Emberley, David Boyd, Rob Thomas, Smokey Bear, and Clifford the Big Red Dog. If you care to join them, please send your registration to Jane Coffey at AFCJane@aol.com or sign up on the website: http://www.gsh.org/readin

Please include the following information for their database: your name; email address; your site name; your site address; city/state/country; number of students participating; number of supervisors participating; and grade level(s).

Be a mentor

The University of Winnipeg Alumni Association invites graduates to participate in Career Connections: A Mentorship Program. Employed graduates can meet one-on-one with a student or alumnus to discuss their experience in the working world and offer advice and encouragement to enhance career exploration among students and graduates. The time commitment is only one hour. Contact L. Cherney, Associate Director, Alumni & Communications, at (204) 786-9134.

National Book Service Merges

On December 2, the National Book Service merged with Shirley Lewis Information Services Inc., retaining the NBS name. The NBS is now located at its expanded North York facility and Shirley Lewis has been retained as Director of Special Services.

When sports and studies collide

Vickie Charles is a teacher of 7th and 8th grade students with mild to moderate learning disabilities. One of her students is a 7th grade boy who is a hockey player - "has been on skates since he could walk practically," says Ms Charles. He is losing all interest in academic studies, saying that he doesn't need an education to play hockey. She is wondering if anyone out there is aware of any hockey players with learning disabilities. If you have any information that could be of use to her, please contact her at vcharles@isbe.state.il.us

Check out these sites

Book this!

Booklist, the magazine from the American Library Association is available in electronic format at http://www.ala.org/booklist/index.html. This site provides full-text feature articles, bibliographies, book reviews, and best book lists. Every year the magazine reviews nearly 4,000 books for adults, more than 2,500 titles for children, more than 500 reference books and electronic reference tools, and 1,000 other audiovisual materials. Featured articles include author interviews, book-related essays by well-known writers, and a selection of columns. The site is updated monthly, but the e-zine is not published in discrete issues. For more information, contact Ben Segedin at bsegedin@ala.org.

A couple of interesting sites mentioned in the NBNSOFT Content Awards are:

Chemicool Periodic Table
http://the-tech.mit.edu/Chemicool/ Simply click (or search for) an element and information is instantly furnished, including the element's atomic number, energies, reactions and weight. Curious as to what the most frequently requested are? Recently they've been iron, hydrogen, aluminum, gold, and titanium.

The World-Village Project
http://www.inch.com/~magicxz/website/index.html The premise here is simple but ingenious: if we were to pretend that there were only 1000 people in the world, based on current data and population statistics, how many of those 1000 would be of, say, North American origin? (52) And how many would be Asians? (584). And what would their religion or language be? The results may surprise you!

Some other sites of interest include from CSOFT:

Play it safe
Two safety checklists for kids include: The Six Rules to Online Safety, which leads kids through the do's and dont's of "surfing the information highway," provides guidelines for face to face meetings with others, what to do if they come across information that makes them feel uncomfortable, and more; and The Eight Rules to Personal Safety, which teaches children what to do in case they are being abused, if someone tries to get them to go in their car, and how to handle many other dangerous situations. Both programs are free to the public and can be downloaded from C-SOFT's Web page at http://www.csoftinc.com.

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