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The Riggs Institute: Discover What Hasn't Been Taught by English in America at the Teacher Training Level for 60 Years!

URL: www.riggsinst.org/index.shtml

Review by Carolyn Knutson.

Reprinted from the EdRes mailing list.


This site describes, in detail (with graphics), a multi-sensory, direct instruction and explicit phonics method of teaching listening, speaking, penmanship, spelling (with complete phonetics, syllabication, and 28 rules of orthography) composition, reading, comprehension, vocabulary development, basic grammar and analytical thinking skills PLUS all auditory, verbal, visual and visual-motor cognitive subskills. The Riggs Institute advertises it as a practical method of establishing the basic skills which make acquiring a real "whole language" capability well within reach of virtual all learners of whatever age and/or ability.

Additionally, they present a home page "interest index" ranging from learning disability helps to the reading research and several enlightening "position papers" relating to the present phonics/whole language debate.


The only site I have found which has addressed the current problem with specific and detailed information on what we need to know to teach the English language in a virtually "foolproof" way to people of all "learning styles," AND what we need to do (inform ourselves) to change the deplorable state of American education which begins with the ability (or lack of ability) to speak, read, write, spell and enjoy our own language. A "MUST" site for those who want to be fully informed and enabled be they schools, teachers, parents, taxpayers, board members, educational reformers, textbook selection committees, foundations, corporate literacy directors or legislators.

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