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Expanding Universe: a classified search tool for amateur astronomy.


Created by Wayne Daniels and his colleagues at the Metro Toronto Reference Library, Expanding Universe: a classified search tool for amateur astronomy is an index of astronomy hotlinks that is organized like a library. A modified form of the Dewey Classification has produced a set of virtual library shelves whose "books" can be browsed by pointing to each in turn. Including the Dewey number in each of the URLs within the site has created a file structure that reproduces the subject hierarchy of Dewey. This allows users to travel deep into the site without losing their way. Alternatively, users can get keyword access through an index of terms taken from the headings. As in a library, once you find the right shelf you are in your subject area.

This prototype site is a considerable improvement on wading through search engine results or scanning loosely organized lists of links. The possibility of producing subject gateways for secondary school students that will provide large, ordered collocations of Net resources for curriculum purposes is also being investigated. Time will be saved for both teachers and students by having librarians selecting and ordering information. The next application will provide enhanced keyword access, amongst other things.

From the NBNSOFT Content Awards Ejournal



It aspires to be the definitive guide to reference material on the Internet, and includes many great features, including Roget's Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, Webster's Unabridged Dictionary and Strunk's classic Elements of Style.

OneLook Dictionaries


Just by taking one look at this site you'll find that it's brought together the best of the web dictionary sites for easy searching. Or you can use the links to the actual sites.

travlang's Translating Dictionaries


Few things are as frustrating as having a word in German and not knowing what it means in English. Or French. This site features many translating dictionaries, including German, Dutch, Spanish, Danish, Finnish, Portuguese, Afrikaans and Esperanto. Each will translate words into English and many other combinations.

Language Identifier


This program can be used to identify the language of origin of a phrase, word or sentence. Submit the words of your choosing and the list will be returned reordered, with the most likely choice at the top of the list.

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