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The Canadian Library Association Web Site


The Canadian Library Association (CLA) has launched its World Wide Web site to provide online access to a wealth of information of interest to both CLA members and others in the library and information services community.

The site provides information arranged in the following main categories:

There is also an extensive contact directory for both the CLA Office and the "who's who" of the Association (Executive Council, Division Executives, Committee and Interest Group Convenors).

Membership information (including forms), awards and scholarships information, and the complete CLA Publication and Microfilm Catalogues are just a few of the things that can be located at the site.

In addition to the launch of the main CLA site, a website is also being launched for the 1997 CLA Conference to be held in Ottawa, Ontario. As well, the Association's five divisions web sites are:

From the NBNSOFT Content Awards Ejournal

Coach House Printing

For almost 30 years Coach House Press remained at the forefront of the Canadian publishing industry. When further cuts to government grants forced the company into bankruptcy last year, it seems as though it was gone for good. But we are pleased to report that they have resurfaced with a wonderfully innovative web site that should see them survive well into the next century. Visitors here will find online and full-text versions of the latest offerings from the publisher. If you like what you read, you can either purchase the book (via a secure transaction) or you can send the writer a tip (not the waiter, as they say here, but the writer!) So drop in and find out how it feels to be a patron of the arts.

From the NOVAE GROUP Teachers Networking for the Future

Better Students Through Technology

"The Role of Online Communications in Schools: A National Study" is a report of a study conducted by CAST (Center for Applied Special Technology), an independent research and development organization, and sponsored by the Scholastic Network and Council of the Great City Schools.

The study compared the work of 500 students in fourth-grade and sixth-grade classes in seven urban school districts (Chicago, Dayton, Detroit, Memphis, Miami, Oakland, and Washington, DC) with and without online access. Results show significantly higher scores on measurements of information management, communication, and presentation of ideas for experimental groups with online access than for control groups with no online access.

The report offers evidence that using Scholastic Network and the Internet can help students become independent, critical thinkers, able to find information, organize and evaluate it, and then effectively express their new knowledge and ideas in compelling ways."

You can read the entire report at:

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