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CyberMentor Project at the Canadian Museum of Civilization

The Canadian Museum of Civilization is offering to Canadian school groups a national educational programme designed to take place entirely on the Internet. So whether you are in Kamloops or Canco, you and your class can participate in this free interactive Internet project that is based on the Hats exhibition currently showing at the Museum.

This programme is designed for grades 4 - 8 with a view to maximizing the integration of subject matter (social studies, mathematics, technology, language arts, and art) through both on-line and in-class activities.

The students will be able to communicate directly with the curator of the exhibition via e-mail. The Museum will provide resources on the theme of hats for the students who are invited to act as the curators of their own virtual exhibition on the web. The best hats web pages will be featured on the Museum's web site.

Two grade 5/6 classes participated in the pilot project of this programme. Check out their virtual exhibition on the web at:


If you think that you and your class would like to participate, teachers are asked to register in advance. The programme will be available on-line from January 28 to March 31. Be sure to read the programme requirements before registering. Register early, as enrollment is limited.

Project Groundhog '97

Project Groundhog '97, an Internet project for Primary students gets underway on February 2nd.

Is the groundhog a good predictor of the weather? This project encourages Primary grade children (K-3) to find out. Track the weather for the 6 weeks following Groundhog Day and share data (and lots of other interesting things) with teammates around North America.

If you are interested in joining Project Groundhog or just want further details visit their website or email groundhg@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca

Technology Planning & Learning

"Developing a School or District Technology Plan" is the most recent Critical Issue added to the Pathways to School Improvement web site. If you believe that technology should be viewed as a tool to support meaningful, engaged learning throughout the curriculum, then you will want to read this Critical Issue.

Establishing a techology planning team, understanding what meaningful learning is, selecting technology that enhances meaningful learning, developing a budget, providing professional development and technical support to staff - these are among the technology planning concerns discussed and backed up with research. Some technology plans already in use in schools are presented as models.

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