CM November 24, 1995. Vol. II, Number 6


Cyberspace Scavenger Hunt

The Hunt Continues, Round Eight

Centennial Regional High in Greenfield Park, Quebec is proud to continue with the Cyberspace Scavenger Hunt. We are proud, too, to announce the "grand opening"of our home page that can be found at This message is repeated in our homepage.

The Internet is the "largest library" in our world, and we, as teachers should be teaching students how to use this research facility. Our research staff have scanned the Web looking for appealing and varied questions for your and your students. Each week, a different question will be posted, a question that will challenge student's research skills on the net.

You are free to use any Internet resource available to you.

When you have found the answer to our question,

Please include with your answer a little bit of information about you and your school.

  1. Resource person's name.
  2. Your school name.
  3. High school, middle school or elementary school.
  4. Location of your school, city, province/state or country.
  5. Your e-mail address.
  6. Any comments you have about our activity.
The judges wish to extend our congratulations to the winners of the seventh round of the great Cyberspace Scavenger Hunt. This was a tough question, so I extend a special congratulations to:

Melody Williams and class, Wheelersburg High School
Wheelersburg, Ohio

The seventh question was

Canada and the United States share the largest borders in the world. Our two countries have a wonderful history of living together, peacefully, side by side.

However, if some trouble may arise, we would look to the ambassadors from each country to handle any tensions.

Name the American ambassador to Canada, and give me his address and telephone number.


The American ambassador to Canada is Mr. James Johnston Blanchard. His address is 100 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 5T1. His phone number is (613) 238-5335 and his fax number is (623) 238-5720.

Now, since you're getting so good at finding information on the Net, name the Canadian ambassador to the United States, and give me his address and telephone number.

The Canadian ambassador to the United States is M. Raymond Chrétien. You can reach him at 501 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001. His phone number is (202) 682-1740 and his fax number is (202) 682-7726.

Question Eight is a bit easier:

What do the following people have in common:

And who would be the missing person in this list?

Send your answers to:

Good luck to all the hunters.

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