CM Magazine: The Little Math Puzzle Contest

"The Little Math Puzzle Contest"

Tom Murray, the coordinator of the The Math Puzzle, has been kind enough to give CM permission to run the weekly Little Math Puzzle Contest (inspired by The Great Canadian Trivia Challenge.)

Royal West Academy (a high school) in Montreal, Quebec is sponsoring a little math puzzle contest.

This contest is open to all participants but is designed for students in grades five through ten. English will be the language used for all problems and if their solutions relate to a language, the language will be English.

Contest Format:

Each week a new puzzle will be presented and the answers and winners from two weeks earlier will be posted. Answers are to be received by 8:00 a.m. eastern time the following Friday.

The answers will then be judged, and a correct answer along with the winners' names, will be posted with the puzzle two weeks later.

Both individual students and entire classes are welcome to participate.

Do not to send your answers to CM. Instead, please send all answers to Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov at the following address:

With your solution please include your names, school, grade, and e-mail address, and your city.

Answer #8

Question #8 from 2 weeks ago was the following:

What are the next two integers? 21, 20, 18, 15, 11, 6, __, __

Subtract 1, then 2, then 3,..from a number to get the next number so the last 2 integers are 0 and -7

Winners Who Correctly Solved #8

  1. Joshua McNorton Grade 7
    St. Andrew School: Windsor, Ontario
  2. Corey Brezinsky, Jesse Meyer, Kelsey Whyte Grade 5
    Hastings School: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  3. Megan Clear, Shannon Toshack, Aron Houssin, Jesse Johnson, Danielle Rodych, Serge Couture, Keith Giroux, Christian Leclerc, Greg Anderson, Andrew Matthes, Kristina Head, Max Marak, Suzanne Walker, Claude Mousseau, Drew Dushnicky, Erin Knight, Lindsay Ashley, Alex Gajardo, Alea Goodmanson, Ginger Talbot, Kevin Fawley, Geoff Moen, Megan Jerlo, Reymi Ricard, Jill Somers, Lise=Anee de Rocquigny, Chantelle Denny, Stacey Ashley, Anne Bergeron, Joseph Chincheong, Lindsay Currie, Shelley Garvin, Bradley Hartmann, Christopher Lim, Jonathan Marsh, Benjamin Sanders, Adam Saurette, Jeffrey Sewell, Allyson Adams, Kyle Bodnarchuk, David Clarke, Dale Furutani, Melissa Gauthier, Kristel Horvath, Michael Jackson, Derek Kostenchuk, Eric Manraj, Natasha McKay, Holly McManus, Jeremie Piche, Christopher Vermette. Grade 5/6
    Ecole St-Germain: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  4. Russell Beswick, Ashley Douglas, Fraser Moore, Grade 6
    John MacNeil School: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
  5. Jerry De Quetteville
    Pilgrim Wood P.S.: Oakville, Ontario.
  6. Jane Scaplen's Grade 6 French Immersion class
    Marystown: Newfoundland
  7. Matthew Gignac, Sylvia Maniscalco, Bryan Banka, Stephania Spagnuolo, Mr. Ratushny's Grade 6 class
    St. Andrew School: Windsor, Ontario
  8. Edgar Lee
    Lakewood Academy: Glenwood, Newfoundland
  9. Laura Dyck, Chad Friesen, Monica Friesen, Lori Hepner, Jonathon Letkemann, Steven Locke, Caleb Reinink, Amanda Schmidt
    Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute: Winnipeg, Manitoba
  10. Peter Jewer and grade 5 class
    Lakewood Academy: Glenwood, Newfoundland
  11. Kelly Swift and Amanda Holding, Grade 4 Gregory Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  12. Jill Houlihan Grade 8 Cunard Junior High School: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  13. Ashley Parise and Kristen O'Donnell
    Mrs. Hamilton's grade 7class
    Florenceville Middle School: Florenceville New Brunswick
  14. Kyle Hobin, Melissa Kelly, Shannon Trainor, Paul Murray, Jessica Buss, Laura Grundy, Christopher Laycock, Tara Myny, Grade 6
    Sacred Heart Elementary School: Sarnia, Ontario
  15. Hedges School Grade 8 Math class:
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  16. Amanda Ladanchuk
    Gregory A. Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  17. Chris Machado, Grade 8
    Gregory A. Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  18. Grade 8 Math Class
    General Vanier School: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  19. Edmond McRae, Matt Hoekstra, Kelly Maheu, Dana Falsetti, Grade 4/5
    Mrs. Harris' class, St. Margaret's School: Sarnia, Ontario
  20. Nick Humber and Brian Chartrand Grade 8
    Mr Garbaty's class, St. Margaret's School: Sarnia, Ontario
  21. Sarah McCormack and Anjali Helferty, Grade 7
    Gregory Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  22. Ms. Laudonio's Grade 5
    Gregory Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  23. Steven Weerdenburg, Grade 3
    Mrs. Robertson's class, Gregory Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  24. Rob Ruffilli, Grade 4
    Gregory Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  25. Mrs. Quinn-Vaillant's Grade 8 Class
    Our Lady of Mercy School: Sarnia, Ontario
  26. Denese Paradis Grade 6
    St. Margerets School, Sarnia, Ontario
  27. Derek from St. Margaret's school:
    Sarnia, Ontario (11 years old)
  28. Jennifer King, Grade 6
    St. Margaret's School: Sarnia, Ontario
  29. Mrs. Ralph's Grade 5 & 6 class
    Mr. East's Grade 7 class
    Mr. Robb's Grade 7 and 8
    Sinclair Public School:
    Roger Harris Kingston, Ontario
  30. Justin Levigne, Clinton Theissen, Dustin McLeod, Kaitlin, Kamron, Natasha, and Tiffany all in Grade 5
    Mr. Enns's class, General Byng School: Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  31. Megan Smith, Grade 6
    St. Margaret's School: Sarnia, Ontario
  32. Holly Falsetti, Grade 6
    St. Margaret's School: Sarnia, Ontario
  33. Halina Waverchuk's Grade 9 Math Class (Group 3)
    Venture High School: Montreal, Quebec
  34. Theresa Burke
    Gregory Vandenheuvel
    Melissa Le
    Noah Glover Gr. 6 Age:11
    Please include names and schools ..... whoever you are

Puzzle #10

This week's Question #10 is the following:

What are the next three letters in this set?

B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, M, __, __, __

Please remember to send your response by 8:00 am Friday, November 17 to:

Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov
Royal West Academy, Montreal West, Quebec.

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