Volume 2 Number 4

From the Mailbox:


The paper version of CM organized reviews of non-fiction material by broad subject areas and by grade level. Could you do something like this, especially in accumulations of back issues?

Also I think you need to put the advertising so that it is in the reader's face, so to speak, otherwise the advertiser will not get the exposure they need to justify the money spent. It's crucial for your future solvency to make sure your adverizers get maximum exposure, but most people won't bother to click on to the advertising link just to see what advertisers have to say.

-- Louise Shah, Brandon, Manitoba

As you suggest, we will be making our indexing more ambitious as our backlist grows larger. We are also considering more effective ways to present our advertising, perhaps with banners at the top of a page, or, in the e-mail version, before the article the ad accompanies. -- DT

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