CM June 14, 
1996. Vol. II, Number 35

image Helping Kids Deal with Conflict:
     An Everyday Resource for All Teachers and Parents.

Gerry Sheanh.
Winnipeg: Peguis Publishers, 1996. 148pp, paper, $14.00.
ISBN: 1-895411-79-3.

Subject Headings:
Interpersonal conflict in children.
Conflict management.
Child rearing.

Review by Gail Lennon.


AS ITS TITLE PROMISES, this practical book offers insights into dealing with conflict for the parent and teacher in an easy-to-read style. Helping Kids Deal with Conflict can be read in its entirety, but specific chapters can also be used in isolation.

     Dr. Joyce Brothers contributes a forward that calls Helping Kids Deal with Conflict a "thoughtful and caring look at the problems encountered by kids." In his own overview, author Gerry Sheanh attempts to explain why conflict has escalated by comparing the lives of children yesterday and today. The new stresses children face are startling when summed up in two pages.

     Sheanh is highly qualified to write about conflict and how we can help kids deal with it. A teacher who has worked with kids with problems in his twenty-four years in education, he is currently an elementary-school principal in British Columbia with articles on education and newspaper pieces on various subjects to his credit.

     Sheanh's tone is calm, practical and informed. Chapters include "Conflict Resolution Misunderstandings," "Conflict Resolution Strategies," "Bullying and Dealing with Bullies," "Peer Pressure," and an excellent section on "The Importance of Self Esteem."

     Through the use of brief biographical sketches of students he has met in his career, Sheanh takes the book beyond a mere manual on conflict resolution -- it's an account of living experiences in dealing with conflict at any grade and in any socio-economic situation.

     Helping Kids Deal with Conflict is a "must read" for professionals and parents who help children of any age. It should be assigned reading for every teacher education course! The practical, common-sense strategies outlined here will calm teachers and parents alike when faced with these difficult childhood situations.

Highly recommended.

Gail Lennon is a secondary resource teacher with the Bruce County Board of Education. In her thirty years of teaching in both rural and urban settings, she has taught every grade from JK to Adult Education in elementary, secondary and university academic locations. She has specialist qualifications in Library, ESL, Primary, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, and Special Education. Ms. Lennon is a keynote speaker, author, and workshop leader who has reviewed for CM for the past seven years.

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