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 The Little Math Puzzle Contest

The Little Math Puzzle Contest

Man seeks order and pattern in all things
Be ready to change your paradigm.

Archives of past puzzles and winners lists are available at:

Answers are available in the Schoolnet Gopher Grass roots project.

This is the last posting from The Little Math Puzzle for the year.

Thank you to everyone who participated. You all contributed to the project. We have shared an experience along the road of getting used to Internet.

Here are the answers to Puzzle #36 and the Toughie #37. Here are the winners lists for Puzzle #36 and the Toughie #37.

It is possible that things will recommence in the fall -- just watch this space.



Puzzle #36 results

Question #36 asked:

What is the next letter pattern in the following set?


The answer is EE.

Each new letter pattern is another letter in the name "Mickey Mouse."

Winners -- Solvers of Puzzle #36

  1. Rich Schaffer Parkers Prairie High School - Parkers Prairie, MN
  2. Grade 3 McAdam Elementary School - McAdam, N.B.
  3. Blair Joseph Bass, Joshua Alban, Joseph LeBlanc - Mrs. L. Dodge's class Grade 6 Glen Falls School - Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
  4. Matthew Fabbri and Candace Desmarais General Vanier School - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  6. Tina St. Godard and Carly Gallinger, Kelly Labelle, Kelsey Whyte, Jamie Pearce, Tina Goncalves, Erin Puttaert, Ainsley Swinn, Saxon Funk, Shantelle Rivard, Andrew Smallwood, Jesse Meyer, Dave Newbold - Mr. Walker's, grade 4/5 Hastings School - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  7. Independent solutions by: Jeff Woolsey, Bobby Eckert, Terry Anderton - Grade 5 Piper Creek Elementary School - Red Deer AB
  8. Sara Tinteri, Grade 7 St. Benedict School - Sarnia, Ontario
  9. David Belanger, Age 10 St. Michael's School - Belleville, ON
  10. Dan Reiss, Sean Stroobandt, and Justin Farina Gregory A. Hogan School - Sarnia Ontario
  11. Gregory Vandenheuvel and Chris Brown - Gr.4/5 St.Margarets. - Sarnia Ont.
  12. Kurtis Kraemer Gr. 4/5 St. Margarets School - Sarnia Ont.
  13. Alex Ferreira and Darryl DeKeyser - Mrs. Harris grade 4/5 class St. Margaret's School - Sarnia, Ont.
  14. Computer Club St. Therese School - Sarnia Ontario
  16. Bruce Chung - T. Burnie's Grade 7/8 class St Ann School - Toronto, Ontario
  18. Brianne Kennedy - Grade 5, Ms. Laudonio Gregory Hogan School - Sarnia, Ontario
  19. Mike Aube, Jeffrey Miller, Julie Bjorndal, Sean Good, Kevin Nicol, Nathan Lawlor, Kateri Smith, Bryan Harn, Chasity Labillois, Joshua Barnaby, Courtney Fournier, Kevin Dejardin, Nathan Moore, Nicholas Gould. Miss Smollett's Grade 5 class the L.E.Reinsborough School - Dalhousie,New Brunswick.
  20. Hedges Grade 8 Math Class Hedges School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  21. Mrs. K. Warner's Grade 5/6 class Brooklyn District School - Newport, N.S.
  22. Mr. Russell's grade 5 class Brooklyn District School - Newport, N.S.
  23. Brittany Hilker, Mark Zito, Jenna Rotz, Ashley Bowens, Erika Seelenbinder, Portia Newby, Tara O'Berry Fourth graders in Mrs. Selter's class Indian Lakes Elementary School - Virginia Beach, VA
  24. Madame Scaplen's grade 6 French Immersion class Sacred Heart Elementary - Marystown, Newfoundland
  25. "dunbatad@NBED.NB.CA"
  26. St. Marguerite d'Youville Catholic School - Whitby, Ontario, Canada
  27. Ashley, Alexis, Heather, Adam, Katherine, Melanie, Alexander, Nathan, 4 Lussier Ecole St. Avila - Wpg, MB
  28. Hilary Bohn, 5S Ecole St. Avila - Wpg., MB
  29. 3 Leoppky Ecole St. Avila - Wpg., MB
  30. Nathan 4 Lavoie Ecole St. Avila - Wpg., MB
  31. Lyndon Lemay, 5R Ecole St. Avila - Wpg. MB
  32. Nicole Lawrence, Grade 4 Piper Creek Elementary School - Red Deer AB
  33. Van Nguyen and Angela LaGamba in Grade 8 D'Arcy McGee Catholic School - Toronto, Ontario
  34. Steven Gratton, Mrs. King's Gr. 4/5 Sara Dillon, Mr. Willemse's Gr. 7/8 Adam Dillon, Mrs. Pachlarz' Gr. 8 Brent Kelders, Mrs. Bannon's Gr.6/7 Danielle Thomas, Luke George, Melissa Davies, Stratos Niatsikas - Mr. Fera's Gr. 5/6 St.John Fisher School - Forest, Ontario
  35. Jesse Lamb and Ming Yang, Edmond McRae - Mrs. HArris's Grade 4/5 class St. Margaret's School - Sarnia, Ontario
  36. Mikey mikey inkster,

Puzzle #37 -- The Toughie -- results

Question #37 asked:

Find the logic and the next set of digits.

1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221, __________

The answer is 1113213211.

This was passed on by Alex Nazarov... a student worker on the puzzle.

Winners -- Solvers of The Toughie Puzzle #37 and their logic

  1. 1113213211
    Each number "describes" the previous in order.
    Ken Duisenberg,,Internet

  2. 1113213211
    rational --
    1=one 1 (11)
    11= Two 1's (21)
    21= One 2, one 1 (1211)
    1211= one 1, one 2, two 1's (111221)
    The Class of a colleague of Len Makoura College, Masterton, New Zealand

  3. Toughie-
    1, 11,21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221, 1113213211
    Describe the previous number...
    one one
    two ones
    one two, one one
    one one, one two, two ones
    three ones, two twos, one one
    one three, one one, two twos, two ones,etc.
    Final number describes the previous number
    Solution provided by Portia Newby, a fourth grader in Mrs. Seltzer's class, Indian Lakes Elementary, Virginia Beach, VA USA

Royal West Academy: a public High School in Montreal Quebec...

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