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The Great Canadian Trivia Contest


  1. Finally we're back into the Village in Ontario.
  2. Important note to those that answer by means of the Village address. This address has been changed. The new address is listed at the end of this posting. Some who have tried to post to the old address have had their messages bounced back.
  3. When a list of students is sent in could you please indicate if these students answered the question:

    a) independently
    b) as a team or group
    c) as a team or group representing a class or school

The question is posted every week and therefore should appear each week. If you have not received the question by Thursday then please e-mail me personally and I will get it out to you with lots of time to answer the question. Please try to find it from the regular sources first and only use this in the event you can't find it in the regular places. If everyone asks for it to be sent personally it will tie up a tremendous amount of my time.


The Olympic Games being held in Atlanta this summer, mark the 100th anniversary of the modern Olympics. The most gold medals won by a single Canadian athlete in the Summer Olympics is two. Name the Canadian Olympians who have won two gold medals in the Summer Olympics.



Remember, don't post your answers to CM. Instead, send your answers to Steve Caldwell at one of the following e-mail addresses: or

May 6th's Question:

This year Canada will hold another census. The last census was held in 1991. Let's have some fun with the 1991 census figures. I want two lists. In list 1 name the five largest metropolitan areas in Canada. In list 2 name the five largest cities in Canada. Be careful the two are not necessarily the same. Toronto maybe the largest metropolitan area but it is not the largest city. There that's a rather significant hint.


According to the 1991 census the five largest metropolitan areas -- Census Metropolitan Areas (CMA's) -- in Canada, in order, with their populations are:
  1. Toronto 3,893,000
  2. Montreal 3,127,000
  3. Vancouver 1,603,000
  4. Ottawa-Hull 921,000
  5. Edmonton 840,000

The five largest cities in Canada, in order, with their populations are:

  1. Montreal 1,017,700
  2. Calgary 710,700
  3. Toronto 635,400
  4. Winnipeg 616,800
  5. Edmonton 616,700


  1. Isabelle Nathan-Frenette, Mr. Robillard's Gr. 6 class, Our Lady of Peace School: Laval, Quebec

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