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For the third year L.C.V.I. in Lindsay, Ontario is hosting the "Our Town" National Writing contest. We urge all interested teachers to register their schools in the contest. We're hoping that this year's contest is an even bigger success than last year's contest was!

The theme this year is:

The diversity of the family structure is one of the most significant factors that contribute to success in our society. Family can be groups of people who come together to raise children; parents, step-parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, teachers, foster-parents, etc. In the appropriate format for your particular grade level, explore how YOUR family is structured and how this structure provides you with the love and support you need to succeed.

We've expanded our categories this year:

Elementary 1 -- Grades 3 - 4
Letter writing - 75 words (students will write a letter describing their family structure)

Elementary 2 -- Grades 5 - 6.
Descriptive writing - 100-150 words (students will describe their family)

Transition Years -- Grades 7 - 9
Reflective journal response - 250 words

Intermediate -- Grades 10 - 11
Poem (20 - 40 lines)

Senior -- Grades 12 - OA
Argumentative essay - 1000 words

Contest rules are the same this year as last year. Each teacher will run the contest in his/her own classroom within the school. Each school will then select the ONE best entry per category and submit that best piece to the contest. Do not submit entries for your entire class.


Entries must be recieved, by e-mail, by May 30, 1996



Yes, there will be prize money awarded in each category! We will post this information at a later date.

If you would like to register your class in the "Our Town" writing contest, or if you would like to request more information, please contact us at:

Writing Contest, Kristy Gordon OR

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