CM April 5, 
1996. Vol. II, Number 25

image Poets in the Classroom.

Edited by Betsy Struthers and Sarah Klassen.
Markham, ON: Pembroke Publishers, 1995. 128pp, paper, $12.95.
ISBN: 1-55138-055-1. CIP.

Subject Headings:
Poetry-Study and teaching.
Poetry-Authorship-Study and teaching.

Review by Catherine Cox. ***/4

This is a book about how to teach poetry writing to young people. It is a collection of essays written by real poets like Ted Plantos, Fred Cogswell, and Robert Gibbs (to name only three). Each poet writes on particular strategies or poetic forms that interest them.

The book is in three parts. Part one, "In the Beginning," contains explanations of how the teacher can help transform children's enthusiasm for poetry into practical activities. Lola Sneyd describes the concrete poem; Ted Plantos shows how to recognize images; George Swede looks at Haiku. Part two, "Finding the Form," deals with traditional structures, picture poems, and free verse. Part three looks at "Ideas for Poems" and presents strategies for motivating students to write poetry. Richard Stevenson writes about the poetry workshop; Robert Gibbs writes about journalism; Sarah Klassen discusses models.

This is a little book full of great ideas. Each essay is short (for the busy teacher) but with a lot of meat that could be digested and expanded by creative teachers who take the time to look for new ideas.

The material could be for any grade level, from two to thirteen.


Catherine Cox is a Teacher-Librarian at Moncton High School.

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