CM April 5,

1996. Vol. II, Number 25

Notable Web


Every week, CM presents a brief collection of noteworthy, useful, or just interesting sites we've turned up and actually checked.

Please send us URLs and evaluations of any web-sites you think deserve the exposure.

Mir Space Station

A MIR Space Station page with great photos and a text detailing the history, design and current activities of the station by science writer Mark W. Curtiss.

Source: Ted Resnick, Online Communications Specialist, The Magellan Internet Directory

From the site itself:

"Mir is the culmination of the Russian space program's efforts to maintain long-duration human presence in space. The permanently manned space station regularly hosts 2 to 3 cosmonauts (on occasion up to 6 for shorter periods of up to a month). At present, Mir is a complex of different modules that have been through many mutations; modules get added and moved around, like a giant tinker toy in the sky"

Boy, it seems like a lot of space-program sites get reviewed here . . .


An excellent school-produced site about the First World War:

"The pages include a record of our school trips to the Somme and to Flanders, with photographs and diaries by our students. There are extracts from the diary of an ex-pupil of the school who died in Flanders and letters about the war from Belgian pupils who we contacted by e-mail. A full itinerary of our visit is given and there are links to other WW1 sites around the world."

Marconi in Cape Breton

No, not pasta; Marconi, the inventor. Historians often overlook Canada's role in important developments like basketball, the atomic bomb, annoying power-rock trios, and, of course, radio. This site commemorates Marconi's pioneering work on the latter in Cape Breton. Photographs, maps, schematics.

From the Ground Up

The From the Ground Up page from Green and Growing began as a teachers' lesson guide on food, agriculture, and sustainable development (reviewed in the last print edition of CM).

"This on-line version is divided into five lessons; The History of Agriculture and a Description of Sustainable Development; Soil; Agriculture and Chemicals; The Real Cost of Food; and Everything's Connected. It's accepted as curiculum by Manitoba and Alberta's departments of education."

It's not the prettiest site you'll see, and it but the lesson plans are thorough, detailed, and useful, even without the accompanying video. And, as they say, "Everything's Connected."

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