CM Magazine: The Little Math Puzzle Contest

CM March 23, 1996. Vol II, Number 23

 The Little Math Puzzle Contest

The Little Math Puzzle Contest

Man seeks order and pattern in all things
Be ready to change your paradigm.

Puzzle #27

What is the next number in this series?

16, 23, 28, 38, 49, 62, 70, 77, 91, _____

Send your response by 8:00 a.m., Friday, March 29 to:

Puzzle #25 was the following:

What are the next two numbers in this pattern?

1, 1, 3, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 11, 15, 20, ___, ___

The answer to Puzzle #25 is:

26, 35

If you take the third number behind the blank and add it to the second number behind the blank, you get the missing number.

This puzzle came from Sacred Heart Elementary School, Mr. J. Cowley's Grade 6 Class, in Sarnia Ontario. . . . Thank you.

The Winners -- Solvers of Puzzle #25

  1. Grade 8 Math Class Hedges School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  2. Math 9 Class Oyen Public School - Oyen, AB
  3. Nicholas Gould, Bryan Harn - Miss Smollett's grade 5 class L.E.Reinsborough School - Dalhousie, New Brunswick
  4. Katherine E. Hosford, Fifth Grade Forest View Elementary School - Durham, NC USA
  5. Grade 6 McAdam Ave. Elementary School - Fredericton, N.B.
  6. Maurice Richard and my class of 4, 5, 6 students Harcourt School - New Brunswick
  7. Lori et Jacinta Farrell Madame Scaplen's grade 6 French Immersion class Sacred Heart Elementary - Marystown, Newfoundland
  8. Resource Room Caledonia Regional High School - Hillsborough New Brunswick.
  9. Mrs. Hannan's grade 5/6 Latimore Lake School - Saint John, NB.
  10. Andrew Ryan (Gr. 4) Stanley Elementary school
  11. Peter Jewer & Kory Gillingham - Edgar Lee Lakewood Academy - Glenwood
  12. Mrs. Seltzer's fourth grade class Indian Lakes Elementary School - Virginia Beach, VA
  13. Marion Borden-Grade 5 Campbellton Middle School - Campbellton, N.B.

    and the less specific

  14. Stephanie Trotter
  15. Mrs. Jones' 6\7 class, with the help of Mrs.O NORMA GENE JONES,
  16. Kellie Charlton,Vincent Jacques ,Casey Metallic, Melanie Lapointe, Bradley Duguay,Amy Pollock, Andrew Law, Melissa Grenier, Tyler Hamilton SHIRLEY A DUGUAY,
  17. Cynthia O'Connell, Chris Kennedy, Amanda LaPointe Katie Dawn Miller, Amy Bernard - Mrs Caplin's Gr. 6A class PHYLLIS N CAPLIN,

Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov
Royal West Academy, Montreal West, Quebec.

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