CM March 15,
1996. Vol. II, Number 22

Notable Web

Every week, CM presents a brief collection of noteworthy, useful, or just interesting sites we've turned up and actually checked.

Please send us URLs and evaluations of any web-sites you think deserve the exposure.

The Nine Planets

"This is an essay about our solar system with text, pictures, sounds and an occasional movie. Each of the planets and major moons in our solar system is briefly described and illustrated with pictures from NASA spacecraft. With a few clicks, you can see images that only a few decades ago could only be dreamed of."

Actually pretty good, especially if, like me, you can never remember the name of Jupiter's eleventh moon. (Lysithea ). Also the planets have accompanying sound-clips from Holst, if you don't mind the download wait.

Resources for Young Writers

Part of the larger Inkspot site devoted largely to resources for writers for children, Resources for Young Writers is good for what the title promises. Contests, information on books and writing, e-zines that publish children's writing and more. The current feature, for example, is "Tips for Aspiring Young Screenwriters."

Canada's Museum of Civilization - Adventure and Games

A Second World War interactive adventure for older kids. Command a tank in a perilous mission during the Falaise campaign of August 1944. The decisions you make will decide whether the mission is a success or failure.

Nessie on the Net in Scotland!

"The monster was also seen last century but the poor man who sighted the beast was so shocked he did not speak much about the incident. Throughout this century so many people have seen Nessie who seem to have no identifiable gain from telling of their sightings that it seems likely that a great unexplained mystery does exist."

Uh, yeah. Still, students have to learn to separate real-life from the X-Files sometime and this might be a good place to start. It's a fun site, which includes bits on the Highland Games, "Megan and Katie: Two great Highland Cows! (now with sound)," and audio clips of actual sheep. All things Scottish, really.

Space Explorer Digest

Next to robots, space exploration is the best thing about science. This will keep budding astronauts up to date on the news from the deep beyond.

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