CM Magazine: The Little Math Puzzle Contest

CM March 15, 1996. Vol II, Number 22

 The Little Math Puzzle Contest

The Little Math Puzzle Contest

Man seeks order and pattern in all things
Be ready to change your paradigm.

Puzzle #26

What is the next number in this series?

1, 4, 27, 256, 3125, _____

Puzzle #26 comes from Doug & Gerrick in Oakville Ont.

Send your response by 8:00 a.m., Friday, March 8 to:

Puzzle #24 was the following:

What is the next letter in this set?

B, C, D, E, G, P, T, ___

you are to select from the remaining letters (U, V, W, X, Y, Z)

This puzzle came from Bill Stuebing who is a parent of a class in Red Deer, Alberta.

The answer to Puzzle #24 is:

The next letter in the set is "V" because all the letters have the same ending sound "ee."

The Winners -- Solvers of Puzzle #24

  1. Miss Smollett's Grade 5 class L.E. Reinsborough School -- Dalhousie, New Brunswick.
  2. Mrs Caplin's Grade 6A Dalhousie, N.B. ( One of my students decided you could have had two blanks ...V and Z... she just came here from the U.S.A. I had to agree with her! )
  3. Karen and Leigh-Ann Grade 5 Grandview Avenue School - Saint John, N.B.
  4. Rudi, Jaclyn, Jordan and Christine. Sheridan School -- Oakville Ont. Canada
  5. grade 5/6, Latimore Lake School - Saint John, NB
  6. Mrs. G's Sensational Sixes Sun Valley School -- Winnipeg, Manitoba
  7. Matthew McClare, Stephanie Crawley, Mark Wainman, Allison Munroe, Holly McLean, Meaghan Dooley, Shelley Sterling, Josh Ulla, Jeff Sanford, Nick Northup, Teresa McCulloch, Crystal Bezanson, Brian Dearman: Mr. White's grade 5/6 class... Brooklyn District School - Newport, Hant's Co., N.S.
  8. Toma Livingstone, Leigh Davison, Ben Brackett, Adrienne Smith, Shonna Flemming, Lacey Zwicker, Melissa Parker, Timothy, Jolena Jollimore, Adam Smith, Jason Murphy, Mike Robinson, Shawn Hood, Shelley Morash, Chris Brown, Julie, Rachael Smith, Jessica Specht ...Miss Rafuse's grade 6 class... Brooklyn District School -- Newport, Hant's Co.,N.S.
  9. Junior Division: grade 6W Intermediate Division: Shlomit Kriger (grade 8) Yorkhill Elementary School Onward to Excellence -- Thornhill, Ontario
  10. Jeremy Layden, Ross Neufeld, Michael Caldwell, Reece Peters - Grade 4 Piper Creek Elementary School -- Red Deer, AB
  11. Melissa Vankoughnett in T. Burnie's Grade 7/8 class St Ann School -- Toronto, Ontario
  12. Stephanie Stol, Caitlin Klein, Todd Fink, Kelly Woods - Gr 4 Jospeh Welsh School - Red Deer, Alberta
  13. Molly Sloan Grade 6 Lincoln Centennial School -- St.Catharines, Ontario
  14. Jane Scaplen's Grade 6 French Immersion class Sacred Heart Elementary -- Marystown, Newfoundland
  15. Math 9 Class Oyen Public School - Oyen, AB

    And the vaguely identified:

  16. Karley Weigner, Dan Schwartz (Mrs. Murphy's class grade four) Mrs. Mondt (grade three teacher) Mrs. West, Candida Doerksen, Vanessa Maynard (9C) Joan Marshall,
  17. Tess F.-K., David Lawson, Adam Solomon
  18. Brenda Krokosh
  19. Andrew Lee, Age 11 U. of Western Ontario

Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov
Royal West Academy, Montreal West, Quebec.

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