CM February 16, 1996. Vol. II, Number 17

The Great Canadian Trivia Contest


The aboriginal people of the Arctic do not like to be called Eskimos but prefer the name Inuit. Why?

DUE DATE FOR THIS ANSWER: February 24, 1996


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January 29th's Question:

The first earth satellite produced outside the United States and the Soviet Union was made by Canada. What was the name of this satellite?


On 29 September 1962, five years after the Soviet Union launched the first artificial earth satellite, Canada became the third country in space when Alouette I was launched.


  1. Carole Giguere, Gr. 6, Our Lady of Peace School: Laval, Quebec
  2. Cynthia O'Connell & Kristie Senechal, LER School, 6A: Dalhousie, New Brunswick
  3. Nicole Lawrence, Gr. 4, Piper Creek Elementary School: Red Deer, Alberta
  4. Carol Cunard, Computer Educator, Springman Junior High School: Glenview, Illinois
  5. Noah Marton, Yorkhill Elementary School: Thornhill, Ontario
  6. Mrs. Cantalini's Gr. 7/8 class, Gregory A. Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  7. T. Burnie's Gr. 7/8 class, St. Ann School: Toronto, Ontario
  8. Dario Stancic, 8K, Eastwood Public School: Windsor, Ontario
  9. Mr. Turner, Instructional Staff, Eastwood Public School: Windsor, Ontario

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