CM Magazine: The Little Math Puzzle Contest
CM February 2, 1996. Vol II, Number 16

 The Little Math Puzzle Contest

The Little Math Puzzle Contest

Man seeks order and a pattern in all things.

Puzzle #20

This week's Puzzle #20 is below:

What are the next 4 letters in this pattern?

A, E, F, H, I, K, L, ____, ____, ____, ____ ?
Send your response by 8:00 a.m., Friday, February 9 to:

Puzzle #18 was the following:

What is the next number in this pattern?

1, 1, 2, 6, 24, 120, ______ ?

The answer to Puzzle #18 is below:

The answer is 720.

To get the next number from the previous number multiply by
1 then 2 then 3 then 4 then 5 . . . so the last is 120 X 6 = 720.

The Winners -- Solvers of Puzzle #18

  1. Katherine E. Hosford Fifth grade Forest View Elementary School - a public school in Durham, North Carolina USA
  2. Jess Wootton, grade 5 Dr. S.E.McDowell School - Shawville, Quebec
  3. TIM Wootton grade 7 Pontiac Protestant High School - SHAWVILLE QUEBEC
  4. Grades 4 and 6 Valcartier Elementary School - Quebec
  5. Dan Reiss, Grade 8 Mrs. Delorme's class Gregory Hogan School - Sarnia, Ontario Canada
  6. Micheal Hodgson Grade 7 Homeschooler Big Creek, B.C.
  7. Math 9 Class Oyen Public School - Oyen, Alberta
  8. Paul Watson Dalhousie Middle School
  9. Kris Ramos General Vanier School - Winnipeg, MB
  10. Michael Lutz, Amanda Holding and Samantha Bogart Grade:4 and 5 Ms. Beth Cross Gregory A. Hogan - Sarnia,Ontario
  11. Thomas Price grade 4\5 class Stanley Elementary - Stanley N.B.
  12. Fran Nicholas Grade 6 Mi'kmawey School - Chapel Island, NS
  13. Kaharine Gasbarini grade 8 Mrs. Delorme's class Gregory A. Hogan - Sarnia, Ontario
  14. Cecilia Carey, Beth MacNeil Grade 7-C Park Junior High - Sydney, Nova Scotia
  15. Colin Burns Mrs. harris's gr.5 class Alex Ferreira - Mrs. Harris grade 4/5 class St. Margaret's School - Sarnia Ont
  16. Amanda janzen, Sarah-anne lue, Kelly swift, Tania DiCocco, Kelli Cowley grade 4 and 5 - Ms.Cross Gregory Hogan School - Sarnia Ont.
  17. Robert Bradbury Gr. 6 Royal Road School, Fredericton, N.B
  18. James Fothergill-Brown grade 6 St. MIchael's - Low, Quebec.
  19. Mr. Renaud's Grade 5 Class St. Peter School, Sarnia, Ontario:
  20. Brett Kuntz (7 B) Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Inst. - Winnipeg, MB
  22. Jason Rasmussen 6th grade Paul Elementary - Paul, Idaho, USA
  23. Independent solutions by Bobby Eckert, Terry Anderton, Jason Brooks and Jeff Woolsey, Grade 5 Piper Creek School, Red Deer AB
  24. Mrs. G's Sensational Sixes SunValley School - Winnipeg, MB
  25. Jonathan Chan Age 9 School: Gregory A. Hogan - Sarnia Ont.
  26. From Jamie Willis Grade six Mcadam Ave., Fredericton N.B.
  27. Kelsey Whyte, Tina St. Godard, Carly Gallanger, Ashley Mistelbacher of Mr. Walker's, grade 4/5 class Hastings School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  28. Raymond , Andrew , Jill, Ryan , Thomas Grade 6 Nelson Rural School ,New Brunswick
  29. Jason Houck, Evan Powell Ms. Laudonio's grade 5 Gregory A. Hogan - Sarnia, Ont.
  30. Matt Hoekstra St.Margarets Mrs.Harris Gr.5 class. Sarnia Ont
  31. Tanurean Staten and Kala Raglin Libby Adams-Computer Resource Teacher Troost Communications Academy - Kansas City, MO
  32. Twila Eatmom Grade 6P Saint John the BAPTIST, King Edward - Saint John. N.B.
  33. Emily Davidson, Kari Shea, Sean Boyer, Tiffany Gallery, and Jerret Lloyd - all students in Grade 5M St. John the Baptist - King Edward School - Saint John, New Brunswick
  34. Bradley Dryer ,Stephanie McLean, Lolita McGraw, Ana Smith, Kala Belding, Rory Reardon Grade 6P Saint John The Baptist, King Edward Saint John, N,B,
  35. Grade 7 class South Edwardsburg Public School - Johnstown, Ontario.
  36. Kurtis Kraemer Gr. 4/5 St. Margarets School sarnia, Ont.
  37. Alex Ferreira Mrs. Harris grade 4/5 class Dana Falsetti Mrs. Harris gr.5 St. Margaret's School - Sarnia, Ont.
  38. Chris Jeffery, Ming Yang. St. Margarets school - Sarnia Ontario Canada
  39. Vanessa Galbraith, Grade 5M St. John the Baptist - King Edward School - Saint John, New Brunswick
  40. Christine, Rudi and the rest of Mr. Davis's grade 5 class Sheridan School Oakville Ont. Canada
  41. Matthew , Sharilyn , Justin , Candace and Tera Grade 4 : Nelson Rural School - New Brunswick
  42. Carissa Woolsey, Grade 4 Piper Creek School, Red Deer AB
  43. Kelsey Whyte, Tina St. Godard, Carly Gallinger, and Ashley Mistelbacher all of grade 5 from Mr. Walker's, grade 4/5 class Hastings School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  44. Jenna Rotz, Erika Seelenbinder fourth grade students in Mrs. Seltzer's class Indian Lakes Elementary School - Virginia Beach, VA
  45. Stacey Edwards, Lisa Webb (Class 81) College Avenue Public School - Guelph, Ontario
  46. Mark Timmermans, Jeb Aarts, Matthew Bosch, John Van Lieshout from Mr. Van Lieshout's Grade 7/8 class St. Peter Canisius School - Watford, Ontario.
  47. Tyler Ralph, Peter Jewer, Edgar Lee Lakewood Academy, Glenwood
  48. Brian Thompson Grade 9MS Cunard Junior High School - Halifax, N.S.
  49. Becky Murphy, Lori Waugh, Shane Snowden, Aaron Phillips, Benji Harrison, Meaghan Farrell, Robyn Bodajla, Katie Lovely, Corey Wilson Gr. 6 Brittany Fraser Gr. 5 Imm. Mme Smithis Grade 4 Imm. class Mrs. Kaufmanis Gr. 5 class Royal Road Elementary School - Fredericton, NB
  50. Lauren Yakemchuk Glen Avon School - St.Paul, AB
  51. Patrick Lambert, grade 4 Mr. Walker's grade 4/5 class Hastings School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  52. Jay Colpitts' 6C and 6D Math Classes
  53. Kayla ,Erica et John Paul - madame Scaplen's class Marystown ,Newfoundland
  54. Jeff Goodyear, Gr 6, Pauline Johnson P.S. Burlington, Ontario
  55. Chad Cadieux,David Salisbury, Jamie Fulcher, Dougie Laird,Chris Ristau,Maggie Davey Grade 7 St. Benedict School, Sarnia, Ontario
  56. Sara Tinteri, Danielle Drouillard,Sarah Milliken, Andy Kornet, Adam Schramek Grade 7 St. Benedict's school - Sarnia, Ontario
  57. Nicole Baillargeon,Ryan Nolan, Kristie Boekhorst, Craig Nisbet, Mark Weymouth Grade 7 St. Benedict's school, Sarnia, Ontario
  58. Vincent Spano, Joseph Parizeau, Kiran Helferty Ms. Laudonio's grade 5 Gregory A. Hogan - Sarnia, Ont. vT. Burnie's Gr 7/8 class St Ann School, Toronto Ontario
  59. Mark Woods grade 4 Robby Hanaback, Jared Stone, Tiffany Breland, Jessica, Jorge Deras, Christine Fodor and Kaitlin grade 4/5 Anders Fraas, Joe Fluet, Derek Leschasin grade 7E Carla Sadler grade 8C Teachers: Mrs. Cozzuol, Mr. Kuppers
  60. Curtis Phillips, Patrick Connolly, Mrs. Seamans, Grade 5 Lakefield Elementary School
  62. Harmony, Michael Grade 3 Nelson Rural School, Nelson , New Brunswick
  63. Karen Tran, Grade 3, Mrs. Christian's Class, Stanley Public School, North York, Ontario

    and the vague ones:-

  64. grade four-five class combination.(MARY E CAMPBELL)
  65. Phyllis Sutherland
  66. Howard Mednick

Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov
Royal West Academy, Montreal West, Quebec.

Information about the Little Math Puzzle Contest.

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