CM Magazine: The Little Math Puzzle Contest

The Little Math Puzzle Contest

Tom Murray, the coordinator of the the math puzzle, has been kind enough to give CM permission to run the weekly Little Math Puzzle Contest (inspired by The Great Canadian Trivia Challenge.)

Royal West Academy (a high school) in Montreal, Quebec is sponsoring a little math puzzle contest.

This contest is open to all participants but is designed for students in grades five through ten. English will be the language used for all problems and if their solutions relate to a language, the language will be English.

Although there will be no more questions until school begins again in January, we are posting the answer from two weeks ago. Have an enjoyable holiday.

You can find archives of old questions and winners lists on our web page. We have lost the winners list for the second puzzle and would be pleased to have it forwarded to us from anyone who still has it.

We can also be found on the Web at:

Contest Format:

Each week a new puzzle will be presented and the answers and winners from two weeks earlier will be posted. Answers are to be received by 8:00 a.m. eastern time the following Friday.

The answers will then be judged, and a correct answer, along with the winners' names, will be posted with the puzzle two weeks later.

Both individual students and entire classes are welcome to participate.

Do not to send your answers to CM.
Instead, please send all answers to Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov at the following address:

With your solution please include your names, school, grade, and e-mail address, and your city.

Question #14 from two weeks ago was the following:

What are the 2 missing numbers in this sequence.

2, 5, 10, 20, ___, ____ , 500, 1000 , .....

Answer #14:

...50 and 100... are the missing numbers. The numbers are the denonimations of Canadian paper money.

The Winners - Solvers of Puzzle #14

  1. Lina Waverchuck's Group 3 Math Class Venture High School - Montreal, Quebec
  2. Tracy Dohey - Level 1 Fatima Academy - St.Bride's, Newfoundland
  3. Dustin, Clint, Morgan, Nick & Kamron - grade 4/5 General Byng School - Winnipeg, Manitoba
  4. Chad Moore - grade 8 Camilla School - Riviere Qui Barre, Alberta
  5. Shannon Leung, Natalie Dacho, Brianne Kennedy, Kara Ciccarelli, Evan Powell, Ryan Cook, Vincent Spano, Kiran Helferty, Andrew Bain, Joseph Parizeau, Brijesh Patel, Heather Prior, Courtney Aitken, Laura Marshall Ms. L. Laudonio's grade 5 Gregory A. Hogan School - Sarnia, Ontario
  6. Kris Ramos - Grade 8 General Vanier School - Winnipeg, MB
  7. Caterina Mancusi - Grade 6 St.Margaret's - Sarnia Ont
  8. Kim Smith - Grade 6 St. Margaret's - Sarnia, Ontario
  9. Math 9 Class Oyen Public School
  10. James Pinto - Grade 9 Cunard Junior High School - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  11. Tyler Straatman - Grade 6 St Philip's School - Petrolia
  12. Kornit Young Yorkhill Elementary School - Thornhill, Ontario.
  13. Grade Six Class & Mrs. G. SunValley School - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Andrea Pollock and Alex Nazarov
Royal West Academy, Montreal West, Quebec.

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