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Great Canadian Trivia Challenge

Steve Caldwell, the coordinator of the Trivia Challenge, has been kind enough to give CM permission to run his weekly Great Canadian Trivia Contest, a great way to motivate students to spend some time in the Library. Here's this week's question, the answers and winners from September 29, and how the contest works:


For those of you who access us by way of The Village in Ontario please note that we're having a lot of difficulty with The Village. We have been able to only intermittently receive the Village and cannot send to it. Therefore we might have missed some correct answers this week and they will be recognized when we receive them. In light of this could respondents please use the


address. We apologize to those who use The Village to receive the weekly question.


Among the winners last week I incorrectly said that:

Amanda Lambert, Brenda Minten, Stacy Ballard & Jennifer Lammers were from Gregory A. Hogan in Sarnia, when in reality they are in Mr. Vanlieshout's Gr.7/8 class at St. Peter Canisius School in Watford Ontario.

Danny Ray and Jerry Don Kelly of Alma Middle School were from Alma, Arizona when in fact they are from Alma, Arkansas.

My apologies to all concerned.


What important Canadian city was originally named "Pile of Bones"?

DUE DATE FOR THIS ANSWER: 22 October, 1995


Remember, don't post your answers to CM. Instead, send your answers to Steve Caldwell at one of the following e-mail addresses (if possible please use the first of these addresses as The Village is having a few problems):


In addition to your e-mail address, please send us your school's name and the grade and/or class that you are in, as well as your postal address.

September 29's Question was:

This year, for the first time, a Canadian won the Indy Car auto racing championship. The Indy Car championship, for 1995, was a series of 17 races, 1 in Australia, 2 in Canada and 14, including the Indianapolis 500, in the United States. What is the name of this young Canadian?

Bonus question: The answer to the above question is the fourth different Canadian to win an Indy Car race. What was the name of the first Canadian to win an Indy Car race?


This year's Indy Car champion is 24 year old Jacques Villeneuve. The bonus question is a little tricky and that is the reason it was a bonus question and not a two-parter.

The first Canadian to win an Indy Car race was Jacques Villeneuve, who is the current champion's uncle. Many respondents answered Gilles Villeneuve, the current champion's deceased father. While Gilles Villeneuve was the first Canadian to win a Formula 1 race, he never participated in Indy Car races.

The other two Canadians to have won Indy Car races are Paul Tracy and Scott Goodyear.


  1. Jeb Aarts & Mark Timmermans, Mr. Vanlieshout's Gr.7/8 class, St. Peter Canisius School: Watford, Ontario
  2. Steven Tellier & Mario Clewlow, St. Robert School: London, Ontario
  3. Mrs. A. Serrao-Seppeisa's Gr.7/8 class, St. Raphael's School: Toronto, Ontario
  4. Nicholas McBride, Gr.8, R.G. Sinclair Public School: Kingston, Ontario
  5. Danny Ray, 7th grade keyboarding class, Alma Middle School: Alma, Arkansas
  6. Jerry Don Kelly, 7th grade keyboarding class, Alma Middle School: Alma, Arkansas
  7. Jane Scaplan's Gr.6 French Immersion class, Sacred Heart Elementary School: Marystown, Newfoundland
  8. Mrs. Cantalini's Gr.7/8 class, Gregory A. Hogan School: Sarnia, Ontario
  9. Benny Machtinger, Yorkhill Elementary School, Thornhill, Ontario



Welcome to the second year of The Great Canadian Trivia Contest.

The History Department of Colonel By Secondary School in Ottawa, Ontario is sponsoring a Canadian Studies Internet trivia contest.

This contest is designed to appeal to students in Grades 7 - 10, although other grades are more than welcome to participate.


Each week a new question will be presented. Students participating in the contest will, in all likelihood, have to do some research to find the correct answer to our weekly question.

Questions are based on some aspect of Canadian Studies. Questions will include the subjects of history, geography, culture, natural science, sports, current events, law, and any other aspect of Canadian studies that we can think of.

A new question will be posted every Friday in CM (the trivia contest is also distributed through Schoolnet a few days earlier). Answers must be received by 8:00 a.m. eastern time a week from the following Saturday. Answers will be tabulated, and the correct answer, along with the winners' names, will be posted in two weeks. Thus, there will be a new question each week while the answer and winners will be posted two weeks later.

We plan on offering a few nominal prizes so make sure you let us know where we can reach you. We would also like participants to let us know if they are entering as an individual, a group, or if they are representing a particular class and school. We will try to award prizes for individuals/groups and classes.

Last year we had participants from across Canada and the United States and as far away as China. We welcome all new participants as well as our returning veteran contestants.

To comment on this title or this review, send mail to cm@umanitoba.ca.

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