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Book of Love. (The Ringtail Family).

Sylvie Michaud. Illustrated by Monique Michaud.
North Vancouver, BC: Blackbarn Crafts (www.blackbarnpublishing.blogspot.com), 2011.
20 pp., stapled, $11.95.
ISBN 978-0-9686441-2-6.

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Raccoons - Juvenile Fiction.

Preschool / Ages 1-4.

Review by Meredith Cleversey.

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Papa said, “When I kiss your cheek, I thank the moon for sharing it’s light so I can watch over you while you sleep.”

Mama said, “When I kiss your other cheek, I thank the sun for shining through your window so I can see your beautiful smile when you wake up.”

Baby Ringtail is settling in to go to sleep, and Mama and Papa are getting ready to give Baby kisses goodnight. Each night Baby Ringtail gets four kisses goodnight, and each kiss is a thank-you.

internal art      Book of Love is one of three books in “The Ringtail Family” collection, written by Sylvie Michaud and illustrated by her mother, Monique Michaud. Book of Love is a charming little story, perfect for a quick bedtime read. Its message is a sweet one. Mama and Papa Ringtail give Baby four kisses every night before bed. One kiss is a thank-you for the sun, one for the moon, one for the universe, and one thank-you is to God for making Baby Ringtail “so easy to love”.

      Sylvie Michaud came up with the idea for this story by remembering all the things she had always wanted to say to her son, but had been too tired to tell him! Obviously, this story has a personal importance for the author. However, it will appeal to a wide audience as it is a charming way to let a child know how much he or she is loved. The illustrations, done by painter and crafter Monique Michaud, are cute and colourful and fit well with the nature of the story being told, even though the story, itself, is what will really draw readers in. The book also has a section of nursery rhymes at the back that parents and little ones can do together, although this section feels as though it was just tacked on to add something extra to the tale. Since the story is definitely geared towards bedtime reading, it seems unnecessary for these nursery rhymes to be included. They do not take away from the story being told, but they do not really contribute to the calming nature of the story, either.

      Book of Love is a very short tale that has a simple yet sweet message, and it will be a delightful bedtime read for those wishing to share a cute story about love.


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