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Another Whole Nother Story.

Dr. Cuthbert Soup. Illustrated by Jeffrey Stewart Timmins.
New York, NY: Bloomsbury (Distributed in Canada by Penguin Canada), 2010.
290 pp., hardcover, $21.00.
ISBN 978-1-59990-436-8.

Subject Headings:
Time travel-Fiction.
Family life-Fiction.
North America-History-Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775-Fiction.
Denmark-History-17th century-Fiction.
Humorous stories.

Grades 4-7 / Ages 9-12.

Review by Inderjit Deogun.

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Gerard looked up at his big sister sitting next to him. "Is it okay? Are we going to die?" Maggie said nothing, unwilling to make a promise she might not be able to keep. Instead, she reached out and took Gerard's hand in hers and squeezed tightly. If this was meant to reassure Gerard, it did not.

At that moment, he realized just how much he missed Steve, his beloved sock puppet, knitted with love by his late mother just days before she was killed be corporate thugs. For two years Steve had been Gerard's constant sidekick, providing him with companionship, words of encouragement, and a wicked tan line. But now, like Gerard's beloved mother, Steve the sock puppet was gone.

"Twenty seconds to landing," said Mr. Cheeseman.

"Four-four eighty-five," said Jough, biting his lip.

"It's going to be close," said Mr. Cheeseman.

There was another bump, this one louder and stronger than the last. Maggie looked at the ceiling, which vibrated mightily. It appeared as though it could be torn away at any second, exposing them all to the deadly light just on the other side of the four-inch-thick protective shell of the LVR.

"Forty-four ninety!" Jough struggled to remain calm but he could feel his sense of reason slipping away.

"Fifteen seconds!" Mr. Cheeseman had to shout to be heard over the deafening rattle as the LVR fought to remain joined at the seams. He began counting down the seconds. And as he counted down, Jough counted up.

The Cheeseman family, along with Captain Jibby and his crew are, quite literally, sailing through time. A quick stopover in 1668 turns out to be anything but when the Luminal Velocity Regulator is badly damaged. The mission at hand is twofold: Ethan Cheeseman must find a way to repair the LVR while Jibby and his crew track down the rightful owner of the White Gold Chalice. It's the only way that the curse against the Lodbrok bloodline can be lifted a curse that may very well have resulted in Olivia Cheeseman's murder.

      Unbeknownst to the Cheeseman family, they are not the only visitors from the future. Professor Acorn Boxley, a former teacher of Ethan's, has arrived with a fellow by the name of Gateman Nametag, who is none other than Mr. 5. He has made the trek through time to seek his revenge against the Cheeseman family. But that is just the beginning; matters go from bad to worse when Ethan realizes that the Time Arc is a one-way street.

      Another Whole Nother Story quite literally picks up were A Whole Nother Story ended. In this sequel, Dr. Cuthbert Soup introduces a number of outrageous characters to the mix that bring humour to the most dangerous of situations. He also continues to impart tidbits of unsolicited advice that are sure to bring a smirk to any reader's face. Readers will also see how various members of the Cheeseman family have been shaped by what they have endured. Another Whole Nother Story does not fail to live up to its predecessor.


Inderjit Deogun, who lives in Toronto, ON, is currently pursuing a career in publishing with a particular interest in children's literature.

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