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Together Forever.

Per-Henrik Gürth.
Montreal, PQ: Lobster Press, 2010.
32 pp., hardcover, $19.95.
ISBN 978-1-897550-89-2.

Kindergarten-grade 2 / Ages 5-7.

Review by Christine Torchia.

**** /4

Reviewed from Advance Reading Copy.



The Wind stopped. Little Bear looked around, but he couldn't see Mother Bear anywhere!

"Mama," he called. "Mama, where are you?"

Little Bear was afraid and wanted to search for Mother Bear. Then he remembered what his mother had said.

If you ever get lost, stop and look up at the sky. There you will see the Great Bear and Little Bear stars. Watch the Stars and wait for me to find you.

Little Bear sat down and looked up, hoping to see the Great Bear and Little Bear stars shining brightly.

Then he gasped. "Like me and Mama, "Little Bear whispered as he traced the outline of the bears shimmering in the sky.


Per-Henrick Gürth has done it again. Together Forever is a beautifully illustrated and lovingly written sequel to When Wishes Come True. Again starring the loveable characters Lille Bear and Mother Bear, Together Forever touches readers' hearts. This story is told with such compassion and gentleness. Readers are treated to a story that focuses on a mother and child's special time together while providing a teachable moment for readers.

internal art     Out playing on a bright, clear Arctic day, Little Bear tumbles a little too far from Mother Bear. When Mother Bear calls him closer and tells him not to go too far for fear he will get lost, Little Bear wonders if that could really happen, but, while he's in Mother Bear's warm embrace, she reassures him that, if he ever gets lost, all he has to do is "...stop and look up at the sky. There you will see the Great Bear and Little Bear stars. Watch the Stars and wait for me to find you."

      Mother Bear smells a storm in the air, and it's time to go. Little Bear doesn't listen, and, instead, he finds the snowflakes very exciting. However, when he turns around, he can't find Mother Bear anywhere and calls to her, When she does not answer, Little Bear is afraid and wants to search for her, but he remembers what she had said and he sits and looks for the stars, Little Bear is excited to find the stars that are shaped like he and Mother Bear. Mother Bear soon returns to find Little Bear and is proud that he remembered to stay and wait for her to find him. At home, they snuggle up for the night, and Little Bear shares what he saw in the sky: "I saw you and me...together forever."

      A delightful, heartfelt story with a message to teach children what to do if they ever get lost. Together Forever will make a great addition to any children's library or classroom.

Highly Recommended.

Christine Torchia, an Early Childhood educator/educational assistant and mother of two elementary school children, lives in Winnipeg, MB.

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