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Shout, Show and Tell! (Green Bananas).

Kate Agnew. Illustrated by Lydia Monks.
St. Catharines, ON: Crabtree, 2005.
48 pp., pbk. & cl., $7.16 (pbk.), $18.36 (RLB.). 
ISBN 0-7787-1040-8 (pbk.), ISBN 0-7787-1024-6 (RLB.).

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Preschool-Grade 3 / Ages 4-8.

Review by Stacie Edgar.

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On Friday Mrs. Green's class had show and tell while they ate their fruit.

Daisy had forgotten to bring something from home. She felt angry and fed up.

Mrs. Green gave her an apple. "Here," she said, "have a bite."

Daisy had a bite. Her tooth wibbled and wobbled and wibbled some more. Then it came out, right in the middle of show and tell.

Divided into three short chapters, Shout, Show and Tell! describes the various adjustments young children make as they enter the world of school. Daisy is a bit annoyed because she feels left out and not the centre of attention. But when her wobbly tooth falls out, she is called on during show and tell and proudly shows her toothless smile. In the next chapter, young Sean is loud and plays rough with the other children. The teacher often reprimands him for his inappropriate behaviour. But when she and Sean are suddenly locked in the storage closet, his loud voice saves them when he "pretended to be a lion and roared as loud as he could" to get the attention of another teacher. In the final chapter, Lily is sad when her family structure doesn't match with the other children in the class. The students are asked to illustrate "their homes and the people who lived there," but Lily's mom and dad don't live together anymore. Lily's teacher, Mrs. Green, encourages her to start over, and result is a masterpiece that includes all the people in her life and their homes.

     The bright, colourful books in the “Green Bananas” series not only help emerging readers tackle more difficult texts, but they also help young children explore the different contemporary issues they may face in school. British author, editor, and critic, Kate Agnew demonstrates in Shout, Show and Tell! that even though there is a very narrow focus with levelled texts for young readers, they still can, and should, be pleasurable and entertaining. 

     Lydia Monks's illustrations depict the inside of the school with colourful "washed" walls adorned with children's artwork. The realistic faces of the characters are balanced with real fabric overlays for their clothing. Each two page spread includes captions that echo the text and encourages shared reading between two readers.


Stacie Edgar is a student in the Integrated B.A./B.Ed. Education program at the University of Winnipeg in Winnipeg, MB.


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