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Doggie in the Window.

Elaine Arsenault. Illustrated by Fanny.
Toronto, ON: Groundwood, 2004.
32 pp.,cloth, $16.95.
ISBN 0-88899-619-5.

Preschool-grade 3 / Ages 4-8.

Review by Catherine Hoyt.

***1/2 /4


Doggie dreamed of being adopted by Mademoiselle Madeleine. But no matter how cute Doggie was, how adorably he behaved, no matter how enthusiastically he wagged his tail, she didn't seem to notice him.

Doggie watched from the Montreal pet store window as Mademoiselle Madeleine rushed by every morning on the way to her shop next door. Doggie desperately wanted to be adopted, and he thought the seamstress would be the perfect person. Late one night as Doggie watched the seamstress through a small hole in wall, he hatched his plan to capture Mademoiselle Madeleine's attention. Once Mademoiselle Madeleine left for the evening, Doggie began to sew his first gorgeous zebra print kitten costume. The next morning, the seamstress did notice him as she rushed by. So that night Doggie snuck into her shop again and sewed a goldfish suit. Doggie dove into the pet shop aquarium just as Mademoiselle Madeleine was rushing by the next morning. Doggie was hugely encouraged when Mademoiselle Madeleine actually commented on his antics. The third morning, Mademoiselle Madeleine actually slowed down to take a closer look at Doggie's parrot costume. Finally, Mademoiselle Madeleine came into the pet shop the morning Doggie was dressed as a green lizard. Although  Mademoiselle Madeleine wasn't interested in another seamstress, she thought Doggie would make a perfect costume designer. Doggie's dream had come true, and after that Monsieur Albert saw Mademoiselle Madeleine and Doggie rushing by each morning on the way to their costume shop next door.

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This is Elaine Arsenault's first children's book, and it was initially released in French as Le grand rêve de Passepoil. This Montreal native's amusing tale is a terrific read aloud choice. This is also a humorous pick for dog lovers. The message to children that even small dogs can make big dreams come true is a good one. This quirky tale about a charming puppy and his fantastic scheme to capture a potential owner's attention is sure to amuse young readers. Fanny's detailed colourful pictures will delight young and old. The expressive illustrations complement the text well.

     Doggie in the Window is a recommended purchase for public libraries and is a great gift choice.

Highly Recommended.

Catherine Hoyt has returned from maternity leave and is now the Acting Head of Public Services for New Brunswick Public Library Service. 



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