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As an electronic publication, CM offers new and different forms of advertising, including e-mail and www links and advertising features linked to reviews of the same book.

CM Rate Card

As an introductory offer our rates include the cost of designing and placing the ad on our Web site. We will prepare the HTML markup from text received in electronic format and include images received electronically or in hard copy.

Annual Ad Rate

Link from CM Welcome page in Index of Advertisers
Link from each issue Table of Contents page
$1000 per 52 issues

With on-line ordering capability $1500 per year
includes a link from any book or video review which advertiser carries

Individual Issue Ad rate

Link from Table of Contents page
Link from a specific review
Inclusion in Index of Advertisers
$50 per issue

Ad Information

The structure of an ad in CM can take many forms. It can be:


Traditional advertising rate cards assign rates based on such factors as: Advertising in an electronic medium can adopt many of the same variables in determining rate structures, but measurement takes a different form.

Exposure is determined more by ad placement than size. In an electronic medium, the size of an ad is determined by the size of the computer screen of the viewer. An ad with lots of information and many large images loads more slowly, and results in a longer scroll bar, not a greater initial impact. In this sense electronic advertising can be a great leveller, where small businesses compete equally with large corporations.

More important than size is the accessibility of an ad. The placement and number of links to an ad is critical in measuring ite exposure potential. When advertising in an electonic journal such as CM, a link from our Welcome page is more valuable than a link from an individual issues' Table of Contents, which is more valuable than a link from an individual review.

CM currently receives about 5000 hits per week on its Web site. We also email a text version of our magazine to subscribers on our Listserv. Our readers are primarily teachers and librarians, who in many cases make purchasing decisions for their institutions.

All advertising is full colour ( generally the 256 colour palette) for the World Wide Web, and text only for Listservs.

For information about our rates, or to place an ad e-mail

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