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Notable Web Sites

Noteworthy, useful, or just interesting sites we've turned up and actually checked. Due to the mutability of web URL's we cannot guarantee the links are still active.

Please send us URLs and evaluations of any web-sites you think deserve the exposure.

Reviewed in Volume II Number 32

The Secret of the Silver Horse

Shakespeare Oxford Society Home Page

Sources of Skeptical Information on the Internet

Current Shuttle Flight!

Reviewed in Volume II Number 29
WonderKorner ...the Question/Answer Place for Curious Kids

The Cub Den

Tour The Sistine Chapel


Stupid Pet Photos Page
The site previously located at no longer exists.

Reviewed in Volume II Number 28
Yahooligans: The Web Guide for Kids

World Population Figures

The Chesley Bonestell Gallery


Reviewed in Volume II Number 27
Magic Show

The JASON Project

Chicago's Museum of Science And Industry

Cockroach World
The link is correct, but because of a "yucky" technical glitch, you may need to click refresh or reload in order to initially see the page.

The McDougall Sound Archaeological Research Project Virtual Slide Show

Reviewed in Volume II Number 26
Street Cents Online

The Canadian Literature Archive

Biographical Dictionary

The Dinosauria

Reviewed in Volume II Number 25
Mir Space Station

Canadian Teacher-Librarians' Resource Page


Marconi in Cape Breton

From the Ground Up

Reviewed in Volume II Number 24
ScienceWeb: Canadian Science

Cyber Jacques' CyberSeas Treasure Hunt

MayaQuest 2001


Shatner Rocks

Reviewed in Volume II Number 23
A Guide to Comet Hyakutake, the Great Comet of '96

Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science

African Primates at Home Home Page

Association of Young People with M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

Internet Anagram Server (formerly known as: Inert Net Grave Near Mars)

Reviewed in Volume II Number 22
The Nine Planets

Resources for Young Writers

Canada's Museum of Civilization - Armoured Warrior

Nessie on the Net in Scotland!

Space Explorer Digest

Reviewed in Volume II Number 21

Yahoo! PageBuilder

YES Mag-Canada's Science Magazine for Kids

Well Known Canadians

The Chronicles of Narnia Web Page

Reviewed in Volume II Number 20

LEGO Information


Chinese Historical and Cultural Project Curriculum

Reviewed in Volume II Number 19
Drew's Scripts-O-Rama

Voice of Hibakusha

The Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum

The Great Globe Gallery on the World Wide Web

Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Reviewed in Volume II Number 18
The Castles of Wales

Canadian Hockey

Welcome to The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The WebMuseum

A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry

Reviewed in Volume II Number 17
The Tele-Garden

Writers in Electronic Residence

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

AUFORA - UFO Information


Reviewed in Volume II Number 16
Children's Literature Service


Canadian Football League Home Page

MediaLink Home Page

Survival Research Laboratories

Reviewed in Volume II Number 15
CBC Radio and Stereo on the Internet

Theodore Tugboat Homepage

Open Government

Cameras of the World

The Internet Movie Database

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