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David Bercuson and Howard Palmer.

Toronto, Grolier, c1984.
95pp, cloth, $10.50.
ISBN 0-7172-1865-1.

Grades 7 and up.

Reviewed by Ronald Rennie.

Volume 12 Number 6
1984 November

This compact book is an excellent introduction to the settlement of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta prior to World War I.

The first chapter deals with the major political events and early history of the region. The second deals with who came from where and why. The next chapter portrays life on the farms, and the fourth, life in the towns and cities.

The book is very much a social history. It is aimed at the middle years grades but can certainly serve many senior high students needing a detailed overview. The short clear sentences are packed with information. There are short personal stories, set off in darker print, to further illustrate what the authors are discussing: a prairie fire, a prairie blizzard, a visit by a brass band.

The book uses the metric system. There are diagrams, maps, and many pictures, and a short index. There are questions to start discussions and suggestions for further reading at the back. The authors have made good use of archival materials and secondary sources.

Ronald Rennie, Daniel Mclntyre C. I., Winnipeg, MB.
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