New way to drive innovation: Imagine - Create - Succeed

January 22nd, 2013 · No Comments · News Release, Outreach, Research, Smartpark

Creating successful businesses requires the ability to imagine, and then create the future. Manitoba is home to great companies with great ideas. Operational and product opportunities exist in these companies that additional research could transform into business successes. The University of Manitoba today launches a new ‘Transformational Partnerships’ approach that actively supports industry in making those innovation leaps. 

“In addition to being home to world-class teaching and research, the University of Manitoba is a driving force behind our province’s economy,” said president and vice-chancellor David Barnard. “Our innovative new model will further position us as a partner with business. We will build new bridges and create new opportunities that will benefit our university and entrepreneurs while fueling economic growth in Manitoba.”

The goal of Transformational Partnerships is to encourage and stimulate the creation of new products and services by connecting the university’s considerable research expertise with commercial development and innovation in local companies. The net result will be an increase in business productivity and overall research enterprise in the Province.

“This new approach by the University of Manitoba to increase research collaboration and support for businesses in Manitoba that responds to their needs, is exciting,” said Jan Lederman, executive chair of Innovate Manitoba and Chair of the University of Manitoba Board of Governors. “We share common goals for accelerating the economic and business successes of the innovative companies in Manitoba, and this model sets us on the right path to do that.”

The university is taking a fresh stance on the ownership of intellectual property (IP) created in collaborative research efforts, allowing the company to manage and control any arising IP. This will enable companies to move products to market more quickly. The new model appreciates the need for a more flexible and nimble response to industry and will include new agreements and processes to meet those needs.

Benefits for industry are many and include: control of collaborative results, access to specialized expertise and equipment, improved products and/or processes, increased competitiveness and profitability, and access to future highly qualified workers.

The Transformational Partnerships initiative will include a new portal for industry to connect at Other aspects of the new strategy include a more proactive role for the university’s partnership experts who will visit companies to identify opportunities for collaborative research. The partnerships team will be the primary point of contact for industry to connect with expertise and to be matched with funding programs available.

For more information contact Janine Harasymchuk, marketing communications office, University of Manitoba, at 204-474-7300

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