‘WEAVE WAVE’ will warm you up

November 29th, 2012 · No Comments · Architecture, News Release, Research, Students

weave-wave_perspective-rendering_final-1.jpgFor the third consecutive year, University of Manitoba Faculty of Architecture students and their professors have had their visionary deign accepted into the Forks Market’s Warming Hut competition. The announcement was made today at the Forks Market.

“WEAVE WAVE” is one of this year’s winning designs and will exhibits the power of the collective. Created by a collaboration of 100 students and six instructors, the WEAVE WAVE evokes the historical relationship and physical confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

The method of construction will be as enriched and varied as the backgrounds, knowledge, and inspiration of the participants: 100 different materials will create a dynamic, layered, and multi-textured warming hut that will potentially stretch 100 meters along the river. It will be interactive too: visitors to the hut will be encouraged to engage with WEAVE WAVE by contributing to it through the social and communal act of knitting and weaving.

Warming Huts: An Art + Architecture Competition On Ice, according to the Forks, is about “testing the ability of architecture and art to establish meaning for users of the skating  trail as they enjoy leisure time on the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.   Within the context of a cold climate, the huts should embody the potential of creativity in responding to the pragmatics of shelter in this context.”

In 2012, the Faculty of Architecture was represented by “HotHut,” a structure made entirely out of foam. HotHut playfully explored and celebrated foam’s inherent structural, visual and acoustic qualities.

In 2011, “Cocoon” offered an ephemeral refuge made mostly from elements of the Red River’s ecosystem. U of M students set up a lightweight frame, skinned it with a flexible fabric membrane and then covered it in river water, freezing the water and creating a translucent shell.

For more information contact Sean Moore, Marketing Communications Office, University of Manitoba, 204-474-7963 (sean_moore@umanitoba.ca).

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