Resources and Services for Music Students

Student handbook
This is your most comprehensive guide to all aspects of study at the Desautels Faculty of Music. Please familiarize yourself with all of our procedures, policies and regulations.

Undergraduate handbook (revised October 2017)
Graduate handbook (revised October 2017)

Student life
Learn about noteworthy accomplishments of your fellow music students on the Desautels Faculty of Music Network page. For daily campus news, visit UMToday. Check the events calendar regularly to find out about performances and important dates.

Students association
The Faculty of Music Student Association aspires to create a professional and supportive community. You can follow the FMSA on Twitter.

New students
The orientation page provides important information and links to help you begin your music studies and find your way around campus.

Your UMNetID
All music students must register a university email address in order to receive communication from our administrative offices and book recitals. You must activate your computer account and then email your new address to the Desautels Faculty of Music office.

Students can be awarded cash prizes or soloist opportunities by participating in competitions. See the list of music competitions open only to our students, as well as many other local, national and international opportunities.

Undergraduates are required to participate in ensembles. Most are also open to other students and community members. Learn about our ensembles and find out how to audition.

Repertoire booklets
Download booklets for JazzClassical and Composition studies.

Download forms to book recitals, borrow instruments, request funding and more.

Financial support
The financial support offered through the Desautels Faculty of Music is among the most generous in Canada. The awards and scholarships page outlines the assistance available to music students. For information about scholarships and bursaries not specific to particular areas of study, visit the university’s Financial Aid and Awards website.