Resources and Services for Music Students

Student handbook

This is your most comprehensive guide to all aspects of study at the Desautels Faculty of Music. Please familiarize yourself with all of our procedures, policies and regulations.

Desautels Faculty of Music Undergraduate handbook (revised January 2019)
Desautels Faculty of Music Graduate handbook (revised August 2018)

Student life

Learn about noteworthy accomplishments of your fellow music students on the Desautels Faculty of Music Network page. For daily campus news, visit UMToday. Check the events calendar regularly to find out about performances and important dates.

Students' association

The Faculty of Music Student Association aspires to create a professional and supportive community. You can follow the FMSA on Twitter.

New students

The orientation page provides important information and links to help you begin your music studies and find your way around campus.

Your UMNetID

All music students must register a university email address in order to receive communication from our administrative offices and book recitals. You must activate your computer account and then email your new address to the Desautels Faculty of Music office.


Students can be awarded cash prizes or soloist opportunities by participating in competitions. See the list of music competitions open only to our students, as well as many other local, national and international opportunities.


Undergraduates are required to participate in ensembles. Most are also open to other students and community members. Learn about our ensembles and find out how to audition.

Repertoire booklets

Download booklets for JazzClassical and Composition studies.


Download forms to book recitals, borrow instruments, request funding and more.

Financial support

The financial support offered through the Desautels Faculty of Music is among the most generous in Canada. The awards and scholarships page outlines the assistance available to music students. For information about scholarships and bursaries not specific to particular areas of study, visit the university’s Financial Aid and Awards website.

Registrar’s Office: For information on admission, transcripts, fees, registration, final exams, convocation, and more visit:

Indigenous Student Centre (ISC)

The ISC is a unit within Indigenous Engagement, and responsible for welcoming and supporting Indigenous students, as well as providing opportunities for students to learn about First Nations, Inuit and Métis culture. For more information visit:

International Centre

For more information on International Student Resources visit:

Career Services

Career Services assists all University of Manitoba undergraduate and graduate students with career planning and job search questions. Alumni can also receive assistance up to 6 months after graduation. For more information visit:

Academic Learning Centre

The Academic Learning Centre provides graduate and undergraduate, full and part-time students with services such as peer writing tutors, peer study skill coaches, writing and study skills workshops. For more information visit:

Accessibility Services

Contact the Student Accessibilities services and inform your professor as soon as possible of regarding any special accommodations needed for your learning environment at 520 University Centre, 204-474-7423, or

Student Advocacy

To get questions answered about rights and responsibilities as a student you can contact Student Advocacy at 520 University Centre, 204-474-7423, or  

Respectful Work and Learning Environment

To ensure a positive educational experience for everyone the university has a policy outlining expectations for students and professors, found here.

Student Discipline

Policies and procedures regarding disciplinary action can be found here.


Violent or Threatening Behaviour

Sexual Assault

If you or anyone you know has experienced sexual assault, information and guidance can be found here. More information and resources can be found by reviewing the University of Manitoba’s Sexual Violence Support and Education website.

Student Counseling Centre

Helps students deal with all aspects of mental health and wellbeing, including stress, relationships, anxiety, depression, etc. Located at 474 University Centre or S207 Medical Services. Call 204-474-8592 or visit: The Desautels Faculty of Music has a Student Counsellor on site one-two days a week, to book an appointment call 204-474-8592.

For 24/7 Mental Health Support, the Mobile Crisis Service can be reached at 204-940-1781

University Health Service (UHS)

Contact UHS for any medical concerns, including mental health problems. UHS offers a full range of medical services to students, including psychiatric consultation. They are located at 104 UMSU University Centre, by phone at 204-474-8411 or visit:

Student Support Case Management Team

Available for consultation, workshops, and referrals located at 520 University Centre, by phone 204-474-7423, or visit:

Health and Wellness Educator

The Health & Wellness Office provides health and wellbeing promotion, education, and programming for students. They are located at 469 UMSU University Centre, by phone at 204-474-6740, or visit

Live Well @ UofM

Live Well represents a collaboration between Active Living, Human Resources, Student Affairs, and the Office of Sustainability and is closely aligned with our campus mental health strategy visit for more info.

Active Living Centre

As a student of the University of Manitoba, you have access to over 1 million square feet of buildings and spaces dedicated to fitness, recreational and leisure pursuits and access to all regular season University of Manitoba Bison games. Visit 430 University Crescent to activate your membership.

Student Academic Integrity, and Understanding Definitions of Misconduct, Cheating, Plagiarism

This website is your one-stop shop for quickly and easily finding everything related to academic integrity at the University of Manitoba:  

Intellectual Property Policy

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