Help with Patron Request Form
This page offers help on filling out the Patron Request Form, including advice on what kind of information will help us process your request more quickly. Any error messages you might encounter are also explained on this page.

Note: These instructions are only applicable if you do not choose the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, E.K. Williams Law Library, St. Boniface Hospital Library or Distance Education Students Living Outside Winnipeg as your pickup location.

If you choose one of the three locations in Step 1, you will be redirected to the new Document Delivery request forms and will need to use the help listed on those pages.

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  1. How do I fill out the Patron Request Form?
    1. Pickup Location
    2. Borrower information
    3. Item Information
    4. Request notes
    5. Request Confirmation
  2. Why did I get an error...?
  3. Who should I contact for more help?

1. How do I fill out the Patron Request Form?

Pickup Location - Step 1 (of 5)

Choose the library where you would like your materials to be delivery to for you to pick them up.

Note: If you choose the Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library, E.K. Williams Law Library, St. Boniface Hospital Library or Distance Education Students Living Outside Winnipeg you will be taken to the new Document Delivery form and these instructions will no longer apply.

Patron information - Step 2 (of 5)

Fields in this section that are bold, are "required" meaning the computer will not accept your request unless they are filled in. For Staff/Student No., enter the seven digit number on your UM staff or student card.

Once you have entered all the required information, choose Continue.

What type of item are you requesting? - Step 3 (of 5)

Select the type of item you are requesting and choose Continue.

Item Information - Step 4 (of 5)

The item information section is slightly different for each of the six types of item. While the meaning of most of the fields is clear, there are a few things you should keep in mind when creating a request.

If there is a date after which the item is no longer needed, please fill in the item no longer required after field, so you can avoid fees on items that arrive too late to be useful. Remember that you are responsible for the Document Delivery fees for completed requests, no matter when they are completed.

  • For all requests: The more information you provide, the more accurately and quickly we can fulfill your request.

  • For journal articles: Please give the full title of the journal, without abbreviations, and make sure that the journal title is correct. Many journals have similar names, so inexact or partial titles may mean we look for your material in entirely the wrong place.

  • For conference proceedings: Since many conferences recur annually or regularly, it is essential that you provide the year of the particular conference you are interested in. If you are looking for a specific paper or speech, provide the title of the paper and the full name of the presenter.

  • For technical reports: The technical report number is essential. We will not be able to find your item without it.

Request notes

The original source field should contain a precise description of exactly where you found the reference to the requested item. If you found it in an index, which index? What page of the index? If you found it in an electronic index, give the name of the database, and the database article number. Without this information, we will not be able to find your item.

The additional information or comments field is a place for you to provide information which you think would help Document Delivery find your material more easily or more quickly. You may also use it to give us extra instructions, such as "I prefer to be contacted by email."

Click on Place request to confirm your order. Your request is checked for completeness before it is forwarded to the staff. Therefore, you may get an error message if you have not filled in all the required fields.

Use the Cancel button if you wish to erase all the information you have typed on to the form.

Request Confirmation - Step 5 (of 5)

Confirm that your request if correct before sending it. If there is incorrect information use the << Back button to return to previous screens and edit that information.

Click the send request button to send your request to Document Delivery.

2. Why did I get an error?

"Security" warnings: Your web browser is warning you that the information you type into the Aviso search form will be sent over the network without being encrypted for privacy. If you don't want to see these messages, just check the box next to "Don't show this alert again."

Missing information: Some of the fields on the request form are considered "required", and must be filled before the computer will accept your request. These fields are labelled in bold. If you get this error, note which field it says is empty, and fill in the missing information. Then click the Continue or Place Request button at the bottom of the form to resubmit the form.

Unknown location: This error message indicates that there is a problem with the way the Document Delivery software is configured. Specifically, the software doesn't recognize the pickup location you selected. You should report the error to Document Delivery staff. If one of the other pickup locations is convenient for you, you could go back to the request form, select another pickup location, and the resend the request.

Server error or other error: This indicates a serious technical problem. The request forms will not be usable until the error is corrected. Please report the error to the Document Delivery staff. Document Delivery requests may still be placed in person.

3. Who should I contact for more help?

For more help with any aspect of the Document Delivery service, contact the Document Delivery staff at the location most convenient for you.

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