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Data Library Services - Unrestricted Statistical Databases

  • Access to the these Data Sources is unrestricted.
  • For more information, please contact Gary Strike
  • In the list below, click the database name to start searching that database, or click "... info" for a description of the database or help pages
  • Databases with (B20/20) require Beyond 20/20 software on the workstation.
    Statistical databases Canadian:

Census at School Canada
1996 Census Community Profiles ...
1996 Census Federal Electoral Profiles ...
1996 Census Nation Series selected tables ...
2001 Aboriginal Peoples Survey Community Profiles
2001 Census Aboriginal Population Profile
2001 Census Agriculture Community Profiles
2001 Census of Agriculture
2001 Census Analysis Series
2001 Census Community Profiles ...
2001 Census Federal Electoral District Profiles
2001 Census Highlight Tables ...
2001 Census Provincial and Territorial Profiles
2006 Census Aboriginal Population Profile ...
2006 Census Agriculture Community Profiles
2006 Census Tract (CT) Profiles ...
2006 Census Community Profiles
Canadian Economy Online
Canadian Election Study
Canadian Statistics (Statistics Canada)
Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Quality of Life in Canada Reporting System
Health Indicators
Historical Statistics of Canada
Joint Canada / United States Survey of Health (JCUSH)
Manitoba Community Profiles ...
Millennium Scholarships survey (zipped SPSS file)
Performance Plus (Small Business Profiles)
Statistics Canada Summary Tables
Trade Data Online
Winnipeg Neighbourhood Profiles 1996
Winnipeg Neighbourhood Profiles 2001
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority Population Health, Health System Analysis

Statistical databases - American:

American Religion Data Archive
Healthy Women: State Trends in Health and Mortality (B20/20)
Joint Canada / United States Survey of Health (JCUSH)
Survey of Income and Program Participation (U.S.)
Trends in Health and Aging (B20/20)

Statistical databases - International:

Census at School International
Global Environment Outlook (and data) ...
Human Development Reports and Statistics ...
Integrated Public Use Microdata Sample International ...
International Adult Literacy Survey ...
OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
OECD Social Expenditure Database 2004 ...
World Data on Education
World Population Prospects : Population Database
World Values Survey 1981, 1990, 1995
UNdata (United Nations)

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