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Cataloguers' Internet Resources


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Technical Services Web Sites

Cataloger's reference shelf

Cataloguer's toolbox

Technical processing online tools


MARC Coding

Library of Congress's MARC standards

Library of Congress's MARC code list for organizations

National Library list of library codes

Country codes

Geographic area codes

Notes in bibliographic records: AACR2R order and MARC tags


Basic Cataloguing

Ending punctuation for bibliographic data

AACR2 abbreviation listing

Initial definite and indefinite articles

Entry element for surnames with separately written prefixes

Converting 10-digit ISBNS to 13


Subject Headings

Use of #v subfield for form subdivisions in subject headings

Canadian subject headings



LC cutter table: Canadian provinces

LC cutter table: countries and regions larger than countries

LC cutter table: American states

Class PS8000: Canadian literature

Medical cutters for NLM titles



Typographical errors in library databases

Babelfish translator


ACRL Bibliographic Standards Committee Latin Place Names

Roman Numeral and Date Conversion

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names On LIne


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