Author - Newfoundland. General Assembly. House of Assembly.

Title - Journal of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland ...

Publisher - St. John's : E.D. Shea, 1848 [i.e. 1849]-[1933?]

Holdings -

4th Assembly, 1st session, 1848

4th Assembly, 2nd session, 1850

4th Assembly, 3rd session, 1851

4th Assembly, 4th session, 1852

5th Assembly, 1st session, 1853

5th Assembly, 2nd session, 1854

5th Assembly, 3rd session, 1854

6th Assembly, 1st session, 1855

6th Assembly, 2nd session, 1856

6th Assembly, 3rd session, 1857

6th Assembly, 4th session, 1858

6th Assembly, 5th session, 1859

7th Assembly, 2nd session, 1860

8th Assembly, 1st session, 1861

8th Assembly, 2nd session, 1862

8th Assembly, 3rd session, 1863

8th Assembly, 4th session, 1864

8th Assembly, 5th session, 1865

9th Assembly, 1st session, 1866

9th Assembly, 2nd session, 1867

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