Nature Publishing Group Journals

The University of Manitoba Libraries subscribes to the following Nature Publishing Group journals:

Bone Marrow Transplant British Dental Journal British Journal of Cancer
British Journal of Pharmacology Cancer Gene Therapy Cell Death & Differentiation
European Journal of Clinical Nutrition European Journal of Human Genetics Evidence-based Dentistry
Eye Gene Therapy Genes & Immunity
Hematology Journal Heredity International Journal of Impotence Research
International Journal of Obesity Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology Journal of Human Hypertension
Journal of Investigative Dermatology Journal of Perinatology Kidney International
Leukemia Microcirculation Molecular Psychiatry
Nature Nature Biotechnology Nature Cell Biology
Nature Genetics Nature Immunology Nature Materials
Nature Medicine Nature Neuroscience Nature Reviews Cancer
Nature Reviews Drug Discovery Nature Reviews Genetics Nature Reviews Immunology
Nature Reviews Microbiology Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology Nature Reviews Neuroscience
Nature Structural Biology Neuropsychopharmacology Oncogene
Pharmacogenomics Journal Prostate Cancer & Prostatic Diseases Spinal Cord

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