Archives Research Tutorial



What records do we have?

What should you expect?

Finding & accessing records

Handling records

Records appraisal & analysis

Integrating records into your assignment

Citing records in your assignment

Handling & Viewing Archival Records

If you wish to examine non-textual records such as film, sound recordings, or microfilm, this requires special equipment. The Archives will provide this equipment for you, but leave yourself enough time to properly use it. Photocopy machines are also available in the Archives, though for reasons of copyright, privacy, or preservation, not all records may be copied or scanned. You may also take digital photographs of our records, but for preservation purposes please do not use a flash.

While viewing archival records you will hopefully find some information that you would like to include in your assignment. Take note of the collection's name, the call number, and the particular box and folder number where you found the record. You will need this information later to properly cite these records in your paper. This information is also useful if you need to return to the Archives and re-examine the material at a later date.