Andrew Taylor Photograph Gallery
The majority of the photographs below were taken from an album of Andrew Taylor's created in Churchill in 1931 and from albums created during the U.S. Naval Task Force 68 in 1947.  Click on the image titles to view larger versions of the photographs and their descriptions.

 Ellesmere Island air strip  Polar Construction  Port Leopold  Trappers' Graves at Port Leopold
Ellesmere Island Air Strip Polar Construction Port Leopold Trappers' Graves
 Slidre Fjord  Paved tent floor  Barrow Strait  Ootam
Slidre Fjord Paved Tent Floor Barrow Strait Ootam
 Snowflakes  USS Edisto  Pond Inlet  Kayak
Snowflakes USS Edisto Pond Inlet Kayak
 Kayaks  Inuit Family, Dundas Harbour  Beach Village ruins  
Kayaks Inuit Family, Dundas Harbour Beach Village Ruins