Red River Settlement

James Penrose, photographer (J. Penrose, Photo Studio, Winnipeg, Manitoba). Red River Settlement, showing the corner of Portage and Main in June 1872, printed on the back with floral border..  Can we say that this is one of the earliest traffic jams at Portage and Main? It’s surprising to see how this famous corner looked before all the major development took place in the 1890s and turn-of-the-century.


Two different descriptions of this photograph exist. The first description was provided by James Penrose in a December 9, 1910 article of the Manitoba Free Press which describes the photograph as showing the Nimmons family. The second description was provided by Peter Ferguson in an April 24, 1936 article of the Winnipeg Free Press where he states that the photograph shows his relatives, the Ferguson and Broadfoot families, with their mares Polly and Kate.