Three First Nations Individuals at an Aboriginal Gravesite

Simon Duffin, photographer. Three First Nations Individuals at an Aboriginal Gravesite. 1873-1875? “S. Duffin, Photo, Garry Street, Winnipeg” printed on back, with an emblem. A copy of this photo was identified by Magnus Einarsson for the Canadian Centre for Folk Culture Studies in 1978 and appeared in "Everyman's Heritage: An Album of Canadian Folk Life" published by the National Museum of Man in 1978. The photo appears in the section entitled "Beliefs" (page 180) The identification is “Ojibwa mourners in a graveyard in Lake of the Woods, Manitoba. A tobacco offering hangs from the pole." The central figure is wearing a buffalo robe. According to Dr. Katherine Pettipas “The grave types are definitely Ojibwe (Anishinaanbe) style. The Photographer [Humphrey Lloyd] Hime had recorded a similar style of graveyard much earlier.”