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Miscellaneous Illustrations of Rare Books
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Japanese Screens in Miniature
& Screen no.5: Empty Sleeves (ca. 1615)
Detailed BISON Entry

William Carron's
1849 "Narrative of an expedition..."

(to his father, Charles Carron, 1855)

Map Fragment & Map of Cape York

Map of Australia, locating the Cape

Detailed Description
of RBR's copy
with Links to:
The complete e-Text by Project Gutenberg Australia
Online accounts of the ill-fated 1848 Expedition
& a MAP of Captain Kennedy's route across Cape York

Courtesy: National Library of Australia, Canberra
by Wm. Carron, 10 June 1856
Title Page

Conan Doyle's
1923 Visit to Winnipeg

Detailed Article
(Manitoba History 25 (Spring 1993)

Doyle Apparition

of Doyle's Pamphlet on Spiritualism, 1922
with Links to various Websites

Brief Broadcast for French-Canadian Radio Station
"en vol 91"
about the UMA's T. G. Hamilton Collection
Conan Doyle's Visit & post-mortem Apparitio
by Wm. Carron, 10 June 1856

Kootz Gallery, NY
1949 Exhibition Catalogue
e-Edition, 2009
(Source: George Swinton Collection)

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